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So, beautifully awkward. Wow, did they freak out, but sure...nothing to see here.

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They really want to put this guy in charge of the most powerful country in the world because Orange Man Bad.

They want to destroy America.

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This amazing, when combined with the Harris, slip up. They are not even hiding it anymore.

Will not lose them votes, this is what the commies want anyway.

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Just really sucks there will be no real consequences to her actions. She will keep hating cops and be even more emboldened in her next interaction. Feel so bad for these cops on the front line.

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I made this same comment during the RNC. He looks better and younger after 4 years!

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Having Pence narrate this is pure genius.

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Trump looks younger and more fit for office after almost 4 years in office then in 2016...go look at what this job did to all past Presidents after 4 years.

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Highly recommend C-SPAN if you have it. Zero commentary.

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Black men from Georgia showing out tonight!