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Really, a BREITBART hit piece you say?

The plot thickens.

I wonder what 'media outlets' will be left after this.

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WOW, there suddenly IS a lot of anti-Wood and anti-Powell shilling around here! Man, that came out of nowhere! Its like a Benedict Arnold brawl up in here.

For what its worth, my take is that Lin Wood and Sydney Powell by all means intend to fight their court cases to the very end, but that could take months and even years. But if anybody is going to be able to act fast enough to actually secure the eldction by Jan 20 2021, it'll be Gulliani and Ellis...

But that doesn't mean Wood and Powell are full of shit, spreading conspiracy theories, working against the President, or any of the other bullshit shills be shillin up in here!

What do you want, one team of lawyers on this clusterfuck, or as many teams of patriot lawyers as we can get on this clusterfuck?

Get your minds right.

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Right? And forget "Future" ambassador. I don't care if he had the official title or not, Dennis Rodman is America's permanent ambassadorial representative to North Korea so while Kim is still in charge.

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You can't always get what you want... No you can't always get what you want... But if you try some times... You might find... You get what you need.

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Well I agree 100% on the Insurrection Act, and good point about activiating militias. Willing to bet their membership numbers skyrocket within hours of an Insurrection Act announcement. And I bet those militias will be busy as hell on a local level...

But when it comes to the actual arrests of traitors and deep state criminals, you wouldn't want vets and ex-cops and concerned citizens performing the operation, you would want active in-their-prime trained military forces.

But I figured martial law would be a necessary part of the Insurrection Act. In other words, the invocation of the Insurrection Act would be the trigger for Martial Law to be declared in certain places.

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Very good post, thanks. Some good points I didn't think of, too. Sharing that one around with some friends and family.

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Well, "Martial Law" would mainly be applicable in heavily infiltrated and populated areas (big liberal cities for sure, but I'm sure there will be other infiltrated areas we donn't know about).

But our country is huge and I don't see the military sending resources to Podunk, SD or BFE, west TX to set up checkpoints or something. Or even most of your average suburbs, really.

Hopefully so far as military martial law is concerned, it will be only in areas needed to quell riots and make a number of targeted arrests. And short-lived as possible.

But there are other ramifications. MSM? Offline. Social Media and much of the internet (especially the big Tech Giants)? Offline. I mean the people who run those companies are quite literally some of the enemy combatants in this scenario.

Trump would absolutely have to communicate with the people via the emergency broadcasting system. And I think the technology would have to be a lot more advanced than the old school beeping noise we've all seen tested on tv for decades...
We might all be watching the Tribunals and updates from the President livestreamed to our phone before too long.

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At the very least, we need televised military tribunals. Some of this stuff is gonna be hard for even us to swallow, but the normies need a fucking massive bottle of redpills shoved down their throats.

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Badum crsh. Nice catch.

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I'll probably end up drinking your beer, 2021. But I'll get another six pack of that microbrew you like while you're gone.

Look, I'm hoping to finally see that whole MASS ARREST thing that Q and other anonymous sources had people running around arguing about whether it was coming next week (for the last 3 years).

LOL...yeah, I get it. It never happened. Fuck anonymous sources, you might say, it's false hopium or whatever.

But seriously... does anybody here, at this point, think our country can truly survive this bullshit WITHOUT mass arrests!? Frankly, that's the only way we get our country back!

So yeah, my hope is 2021 is full of rioting libtards getting their teeth kicked in by pissed off patriots and deepstate puppeteers getting frog-marched to GITMO.

If THAT happens, 2021 will be crazier than 2020 but waaay better.

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The push for Newsmax over OANN reminds me of the push for Parler over Gab.

OANN and Gab have been Patriot-owned and operated for years, and they are constantly fighting censorship and getting banned all over the place... MSM and establishment conservatives act like they don't even exist. Meanwhile MSM are suddenly writing articles about Parler and Newsmax being the big new conservative juggernauts, politicans are promoting then, and they are NOT getting censored or banned, etc...

I recognize a controlled opposition honeypot when I see one.

Which isn't to say I won't use them from time to time, I just won't let my guard down, won't be swearing any loyalty to anyone, and won't be surprised when they flip on us down the road. That's the way the game is played, unfortunately.

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I absolutely agree with this, although I believe the first step is destroying the Democrat party altogether. If we try to split the Republicans while the Democrat party is still a unified force, we'd be screwing ourselves. ...That being said, as long as we keep exposing their corruption, we are well on our way to that goal in the next four years of President Trump.

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Uummm duh, NO. Because the quote Abe posted proves the point I was making, thanks Abe.

As you can clearly read above, it STILL says the electors are appointed first, and "if no such majority can be found" from those electors (the only scenario of which is a tie) THEN it goes to the House.

But please, by all means, educate me on the section that says we can skip the appointment of electors and negate the whole election if SCOTUS says so?

If a state or two - or six - can't get their act together by December 14th, there is a grace period to January 6 for states to get their electors to vote. If by January 6th they still can't get their electors together for whatever reason, then those states are simply removed from the overall total.

But the Supreme court cannot swoop in and say "oh, these six states have voter fraud issues, therefore the whole election for the other 44 states is called off and we are sending this thing to the House." That's not how it works.

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I keep seeing this idea that the constitution calls for contested national elections to go to the house, where each rep has to vote on party lines. That, sadly, is BULLSHIT. The constitution only calls for that in cases where there is a TIE in the electoral college. The SCOTUS can't just make up new rules...or at least, if we truly have Constitutional justices now, they won't.

Don't believe me? Try reading the fucking constitution instead of a viral Twitter post.

I absolutely think we have this, I just want everyine to know the "House votes on President" theory is horseshit unless there is an electoral tie.

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Who gives a fuck, I'll never watch Fox again. I jumped that ship long ago because Insaw the writing on the wall, but the election only strengthened my resolve.

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Months ago I was wondering why so many of his vids were being posted here.

Like Pedes don't know there's plenty pro-Trump, pro-America, and pro-Liberty tubers and podcasters out there? Ones that even do a little bit of research into the current topic beyond reading a single article out loud and saying what they think about it?

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"The office of the President Erect!"*

*said with crude mock Chinese accent

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Sounds like a shill campaign intended to use Trump supporters to simultaneously fuck with the GA Senate race and deligitimize Parler at the same time.

"Hey yeah, let's lose the Senate by writing in the presidents name instead and letting the dems take the seat. Snarf snarf."

And its on Newsweek, which has NEVER reported any of the LOADS of censorship Trump supporters have received on nearly every platform. So now we are getting mainstream articles about the dangers of the censorship of a dumbass little hashtag on the tiny platform of Parler, while we are being ERASED from Youtube, Twitter, Reddit and Facebook on a MASSIVE scale?

IF the tag was even ever a thing, it almost sounds like a little troll brigade that Parler mods sniffed it out...

Like how Joe Biden sniffed out your mom.

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We helped you make it to the big time, Tim. We know you lurk here... Which is EXACTLY why we were so pissed that you were brushing off all the allegations of voter fraud, because we literally catalogued it here on a massive scale... So we know you saw the proof of voter fraud, beanie boy!

But you cucked out in some half-ass attempt to be in the fence-sitter position you so desire... you know, instead of standing up for the FUCKING TRUTH. When someone who reports the news pursues their own agenda or career over the TRUTH, we tend to call them a 'cuck.' This shouldn't be surprising to you, we've been doing it for four years now.

You sold out. We called you on it. It is known now: YOU have revealed yourself to be NO better than CNN or the rest...

So man up and deal with the absolutely legitimate criticism.

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Well thank God you've got Grandma around to lay the law down. The eldest in my fam are all boomers who are all either given in to Plandemic Panic, or like my Dad who knows the virus is bullshit but he is demoralized because he thinks Trump lost and there's nothing we can do...

The programming from the media is hard to break through sometimes. We have to love the lost among our families but still stand firm in the truth.

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Every "Q Larper" I know of spends every day all day trying to expose the lies of the media and corruption of the Deep State. I don't think a single one of them took "trust the plan" to mean "sit around and do nothing." They all seem extremely active in the same info war as the rest of us.

They've been wrong with predictions and date-setting, but they have also spread a lot of relevant information when it comes to exposing the enemy. The vast majority of Q posts mostly amount to "Look at this article no one is talking about yet" or questions about "why did this deep state actor do that? Research them."

Meanwhile, I have seen more than a few supposed Trump-supporters who spend more time bashing Q than they do the Left, the elitist class, the media, the deep state beurocracy, etc... They mostly come across as divisive tards that bring nothing constructive to the table, just bashing people on their same team. Much like RINOs.

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Sorry, sounds great but offers little to back up what it's saying. Where exactly can I confirm that Sydney Powell is a military lawyer and "the only one who can prosecute treason?" Pretty sure the military has teams of lawyers and many of them can prosecute treason.

And are we really suggesting that Sydney Powell used the phrase "neutered like a bitch?" I know she is upset but I have serious doubts she started talking like a 1990s thug in the last 24 hours. And aren't bitches 'spaid' anyways? Not neutered? Lol.

Double check your sauce to prevent the posting of fake news.

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