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I'm going to Dallas tonight to protect my friend's business. I'm bringing my guns. He will end up homeless if his business is destroyed. I hope nothing happens. I intend no harm but I can't let my friend suffer.

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I used to be a Marxist. I became politically engaged because of 9/11. I was driven to the left because I literally watched people like George Bush, John McCain and Dick Cheney as the paramount of conservatives. Naturally I became frustrated with the neoliberals that always seemed more interested in acquiring temporary power than actually pushing meaningful reforms.

I read Marx, Proudhon, Bakhunin, Lenin, Debbs, Luxemburg, etc. I engaged with leftist forums and activist organizations in my college town. Over time you're just inundated with a bunch of propaganda. You read justifications for Stalin and Mao. These leftists use the exact same language and arguments as Holocaust deniers to dismiss the Holdomer and Great Leap Forward. They justify Stalin's actions by claiming it was necessary to keep the fascist influence minimal.

But if you start reading Hayek or Friedman or Rothbard, you're suddenly expelled from the community. You're not supposed to read arguments from the right. You're just supposed to read how another leftist framed the conservative/libertarian opinions.

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Field agents generally are held to higher standards than their office lawyers.

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This was published by the Dallas Republican Party's website. It's a set of laws the local group came up with. Overturning Roe v Wade and red flag laws was on their judicial page. I agree they should have came out stronger in defense of the wall.

The proposal is to eliminate the department of education by merging it with the department of labor. States decide school choice.

I count nearly $250 billion in savings from this plan. $80 cut from the 2015 GBO recommendations, $150 cut from Medicaid and $10 from the DoE/DoL. A quarter of a trillion dollars.

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This woman knows her shit. She's paying attention to what the media are constantly claiming & comes prepared with statistics and facts instead of just spitballing.

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In the movie De Nero literally represents the mouthpiece of the establishment. He's not evil per se. He just refuses to see the inherent evil and inhumanity he supports because he's wealthy and gets the love of giant crowds.

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We think this is a joke but the Democrats have convinced millions of people that the party of slavery, the black codes and Jim Crow is magically the less racist choice.

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Ask a leftist what they would have done to stop the disease from entering the country. They can't close borders or limit air traffic because Trump was attacked for years trying to do exactly that.

Then enjoy the (special) mental Olympics

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Lawrence O'Donnell is an MSNBC host that lied so much about Trump even THAT company made him apologize because they were going to be sued. He said Trump has a loan with Russian oligarchs. He's also known for being an emotional mess. There's clips of him crying and yelling about a range of topics like abortion, 'being a journalist,' and noises in the studio.

The reason Trump is calling Joe Scarborough cold case Joe is because an intern that people on DC claimed was sleeping with him but she died under strange circumstances.

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If Trump continued the said policies of Obama, Bush and Clinton, the Democrats would have never impeached him. They've been trying to replace Americans with immigrants that don't conform to preexisting values for 50 years. Trump just set them back over 20 years.

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Obama will never go to prison. The political left would riot and neocons are too scared of being called racist. People in general on the left probably value the idea we finally had a black president over whether that man broke the law or not.

The best we can hope for is that his reputation is forever listed right next to Nixon. Take down the powerful people around him so there's no plausible deniability left for the history books. Then 40 years down the road we can tell our grandchildren that everyone knew by 2020 that Obama was a crook. He spied on the opposition's campaign and leaked information to the Hillary campaign. Then he tried sabotaging the duly elected president for 3.5 years by ordering people to use 'evidence' already deemed false to destroy people's lives.

Let's not lose track of what matters right now. President Trump must win reelection and we must push the House to the right si he can no longer be obstructed. Paul Ryan is out. We could have 2-4 years of a Trump-exclusive policy.

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Oh God you can tell the original poster was in a liberal teacher's classroom. The same type of teacher that flipped shit when I kept my MAGA hat in my classroom after Trump became OUR president.

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Lots of Catholics. Hispanics and white people who keep getting their water stolen

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