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We'll be shooting this out everywhere.

Here's really damning information. Look up Sarpy County voter registrations. https://sos.nebraska.gov/sites/sos.nebraska.gov/files/doc/elections/vrstats/2020vr/Statewide-October-2020.pdf

**By the end of October, 53,100 Republicans were registered and 32,300 Democrats were registered in this very red suburb. Trump won 52,000 votes and Biden won 41,200 votes - he nearly doubled the output of Obama in 2012 and Clinton in 2016. There are 32,300 independents in the county. The turnout rate was almost 78% so Biden would have to have won nearly every independent or a large swathe of Republicans.

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Omaha officials had to put out a statement reaffirming that BALLOT HARVESTING is illegal. If we can get the data used for this graph, we can use it to show evidence of ballot harvesting.

We believe Omaha showed far more ballot harvesting problems than Lincoln & the red suburbs in the 2nd weren't having their ballots properly delivered/counted.

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Do you have a source for where this data was taken? We're really busy right now. We're looking for any statistical evidence that can help. I'm a physicist so I'm carrying out very rudimentary statistical analysis using standard deviations and Z-scores. Thanks.

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IF YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW LIVES IN THIS DISTRICT, please urge them to check out this website. You can even do it on their behalf. You just need to know their first name, their surname, and the county. We're literal nobodies. We just came across this nonsense. BIDEN won went from 28,033 to 41,206 votes in a huge, RED suburb. For reference, Romney received 43,000 votes in 2012. Biden was only projected to win 30k in this county.


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Good point. I thought of that. Many people falsely believe Colorado, Oregon and Washington have the highest rates because each is a mail voting state and almost all of their votes were mail ballots. They were the first states to adopt this program, after all.

I dug through Oregon's records. Oregon brought about mail-in ballots in 1987. I did the calculations. Oregon's turnout before it adopted mail-in ballots was 75.7% with a standard deviation of 6.7%. The turnout this year was 78.5% -- just barely above the old mean.

You see the exact same behavior from Colorado and Washington. Mail-in ballots increase turnout, but not by 3 standard deviations. We don't see that in the states that attempted it before this year.

In 1980, Washington's turnout was 79.27%. In 1984, Washington's turnout was 78.59%. Skip ahead to 2016. It was 78.76%. The average turnout goes up but not by much.

Furthermore, the NATIONAL AVERAGE should not go up that much when so many states didn't change to mail-in ballots.


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For a true audit, it is not the responsibility of any party to prove that a candidate would have won. You merely need to prove enough ballots are in dispute that would affect the election.

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I'd rather see 1 or 2 more Trump appointments, but I have far more confidence in any one of these judges except Krause than the judges we've dealt with thus far.

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The only outcome in which they 'win' is if President Trump concedes. I wouldn't blame the man, honestly. So much weight is enough to drag down champions.

If Trump said the word, I know I would be willing to give up my life for the republic. Would you?

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No, they won't. You're seriously underestimating how pissed off we are. If President Trump gives us the word, we will give up our lives to protect the republic.

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Clarke County Republicans did not certify the city of Detroit. They retracted their certification because their children were threatened.

This is a farce. They are violating the constitution of their state and the federal constitution.

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Here's the 'RINO' Aaron's email: [email protected]

Remember, don't threaten him. You'll only hurt our side. But you can definitely remind him what is at stake.

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So far between 4,000-5,000 ballots have turned up just in counties that we know about. For reference, Al Gore received only 1,200 additional ballots in the third most populated state in the union. That level of discrepancy is going to make it very hard to argue against a full audit. All 'official sources,' as Twitter likes to remind us, said ahead of time that recounts only turn up a few hundred ballots during normal elections. They just admitted, then, that this election is abnormal.

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Based on their agenda, it doesn't look like they're holding a vote.

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These people are evil. Nothing else explains their actions. You don't go after underage kids.

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