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Watch his free series on YouTube, "Death by China." Very informative, very fascinating, very dad attire with his button up shirt and dad shoes.

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All respect to Coast Guard, especially Rescue Swimmers. A School is no joke, and they get more missions than the average door kicker.

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You gotta admit, he's got guts. What he says does take away from his money.

Reminds me of his lyrics:

They said you can rap about anything except for Jesus

That means guns, sex, lies, video tape

But if I talk about God my record won't get played


Well let this take away from my spins

Which will probably take away from my ends

Then I hope this take away from my sins

And bring the day that I'm dreaming about

Next time I'm in the club everybody screaming out

(Jesus Walks)

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We all hate pork, unfortunately it's all part of politics, it's all part of the game, a game the American taxpayer ultimately pays.

Either way, Trump's approvals are up, and this is pretty much guaranteed his re-election. I'll take that as a victory.

Just think what Hillary would've done in this situation. 2.3 trillion and it's all pork, or incompetent hand outs.

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Seperation of society and family units, removal of educationz locking people in with a controlled news and educational source is literally how tyranny has risen in the past.

Is that what's happening now? No.

But you better believe Soros is watching how to implement this when "we" finally "vote" in his guy/gay/xe. Mass pandemic, then control through fear and disinformation.

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Agreed. Plus, a rescue op in South America is most likely Delta/CAG, which requires utmost security in their missions, as they shouldn't be there in the first place. Can't be held accountable for what you don't admit to.

Details don't matter when it comes to the news. Results do matter, and the team got it done.

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Dems are getting ripped to shreds on denying temporary UBI. my dad, who watched only nbc, and hates Trump, think he's racist, and voted dem down ticket, is saying Pelosi made him sick, and he will vote for Trump, and no one else down ticket lol.

He's not the only one I know who is a Dem and feels betrayed. I have five friends who lost their jobs in the past week: this is a big deal.

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Usually he trolls, but this time the gloves came off. This feels different, like he's genuinely pissed at them and ALLOWING himself to be angry for the United States to see.

Usually, he contains himself. He's very pragmatic, and uses everything to his effect. He's a showman, he's theatrical. But he also knows how to play himself up, and this seems like genuine righteous anger. He normally aborbs the blows and attacks on himself, but when you mess around with Americans, calling American soldiers the cause of the wuhan flu? The virus will now be labelled China virus and will be reminding you of that at every opportunity.

If you're the media and you're making the problem worse for Americans, who are on the verge of panic? He will outright call you out and SHAME you in front of everyone. This is EMBARASSING for the reporter. Even if you hate trump like he probably does, public shaming is very powerful social tool, and I know he feels that. You can see him emotionally sink into the chair, his entire family and kids will see him being called out.

Trump does NOT mess around when you mess with the American people. This big Mac truck of unstoppable Force LOVES his American people!

And we love him!!!

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We celebrate LIFE, FAMILY, work ethic, and uniqueness that benefits community, and America! I am glad you shared this, and share in you pride over you daughter! Keep it up, dad!

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How is he 70+ years old and hilarious?

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Trump literally is the only man smart enough to maneuver this madness. What a genius, and I say this non-ironically.

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Seriously. I was a young, post-Obama, Democratic voter, and wanted to take down the system with a Bernie vote.

It took months of memes on t_d to change my view on Trump, and by the time voting came around, I was a registered Dem voting R for the first time ever.

We want the same things: a better America, and to take down the politics-as-usual. Bernie ran on ideals doomed to fail, Trump ran on experienced destined to triumph.

I will say, however, that 2020 Bernouts are more radical, and less lethargic about their political angst.

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Lib logic:

Nominate the on-video pedophile and ignore his actually womanizing son.

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Feats of Greatness?

We got the Master of Trolls elected and defeated Hillary Clinton and her elitist cabal, and activated Keks Trump Card.

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These companies are willing to tank entire national economies if it means hurting Trump with independents. They'll sacrifice entire generations of retirement funds and drain one trillion if it means they can blame Trump for something. What makes you so sure they care about a few hundred thousand generated in ad revenue? And who is watching? What stats are they watching when all the stats are padded anyway?

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Anyone else extremely surprised at the plain language used in the article?

"Wrecked economy"

"Violently seized"

I'm just surprised modern media would say anything that points to crimes against white people in plain language.

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Agreed. Right now the only person I'd vote for come 2024, and I despise he idea of voting non-Trump Republican tickets. But Cruz is the closest, smartest, thickest skinned, and most cunning of the bunch, traits needed to run a country.

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I for one like to believe God designed Trump's life to rise to this exact moment in human history, where every waking moment has shaped in into the man meant to destroy the system, and troll his enemies along the way.

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