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Just go loot one. They'll rebuild.

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Meth makes you paranoid, will make you turn even on your own flesh and blood. Heck, will even make you boil your own flesh and blood alive.

It may seem absolutely out of this world for mere mortals like us to turn in our dad and our golden ticket, but remember, this family has been operating on evil and sinister for decades. Turning in your own father just to spite him is not unheard of in their world, unlike the Trump's, who learned from a young age to trust family and only family. Definitely shows you who's on which side of good and evil.

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Makes the page too busy, feels like those cheap boards from 2005.

Have animated flairs for sticky posts, but not all posts. Way too much going on. Makes the board feel very cheap.

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Just drag McSally across the finish line and keep gun grabbing Kelly OUT

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The best part is that THIS was the planned October surprise. But the real surprise is the friendships Biden made along rhe way!

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21,000 people upvoted this?

Sounds like Chinese warehouse voting to me.

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You ever been to alaska? They love their guns. They teach their kids to shoot. Their women carry on the job, any job.

They wanna be left alone, and they want their guns. And they want their land protected. That's it, really.

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I think he's just adding beef to just how serious this all is. He always thinks he's gonna win: he's Trump! It's in his bones to be optimistic and win! But by saying so his just shows the gravity of what they found on the laptop.

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Just live to see Trump elected a second term, and you can die happy

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Yeah, I've said this once and I'll say it again:

When almost everyone around him has betrayed him, disagreed with him publicly, or made some stupid decision that affected him, Pence alone has been a stalwart pro-Trump, MAGA pushing wingman. Where Tillerson, Haley, Mattis, Bannon, etc etc all fell, Pence never once did anytime REMOTELY resembling throwing the Don under the bus.

Pence is quiet, but he hit hard in the debates with Kamala, and really showed he's a quiet, deadly force of nature. The perfect balance to the hurricane that is Trump.

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What non Arizonans may not know is that Prescott is a small small town. The closest "big" town is Flagstaff, which is pretty blue due to the university and hippies. And Prescott is like 2-2.5 hours drive from Phoenix, so it's a hike for anyone to plan in just attending. Plus, prescott will be cold for anyone from arizona, so they are enduring the "winter" weather!

All that to say that such a big beautiful line shows great american patriotism!!

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Think they care? What are republicans in congress gonna do? Write a letter? Make snarky twitter comments?

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If Texas votes Biden I think Texas secedes lol. Texans look insanely pro-Trump, so anyone telling them the majority is Blue may trigger them into revolution.

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Yeah! Congrats Lady Pede!

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They did the same when I voted Bernie I'm 2016.assibe, slow voting lines to dissuade the average voter from staying to vote. Lots of polling places closed. Issues with the count. Slow results.

They've been testing arizona for years. Texas is next.

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The left used to hate dubya.

They even hated Ellen for just having fun at a baseball game next to w.

Now they hate ellen and love dubya.

Classic left.

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