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Was just gonna say, I remember it coming from Mexico.

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Omg it's another boogaloo boy invading their totally peaceful, nonviolent movement!!

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God why so they all type it the same way? Instead of sounding impactful they just look like a bunch of dopey idiots who can't explain their thoughts.

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Yep, just after she opened up the casinos.

God, I can't wait to vote against her.

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Nooooo you can't just fire nonlethal munitions on antifa rioters!

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Pledge? Are we indoctrinating like the left now?

Relax man, for someone like Tim to admit he is LEANING towards Trump should be enough. We all had to start somewhere. He has fought for his side so long of course he will be a bit apprehensive at first. People with your attitude considering moving to the right will recoil at your type of attitude.

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He's got one now, and is pushing hard for people to practice their second amendment. The dude is going to the right, hard.

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Got myself the Space Force Raglan shirt I've been eyeing for a while now. Wish I could get it for the 4th. Ugh!

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The Democrats are executing their own Order 66. impeachment, lockdowns, mail in voting, coordinated silencing of internet conservative voices, authorized rioting in the streets, and a ridiculous effort to make DC a state before the election.

The election cycle is truly wearying, but we must press on until November.

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LMAO these LARPers with their umbrellas. They didn't save you when stuff literally started popping off, did they?

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I've always liked Jack Del Rio ever since he had to fight to wear a suit on the sidelines. Teams haven't been all that great since his Jaguar says but he seems like a decent human being.

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I had three sent to my house. Myself and two former residents. I gave it back directly to the postman and be said that it's been happening more than you think.

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List of demands, what are they, a terrorist organiza -- oh.

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I went to their website just to see if there was ANY mention on it. NOPE!

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My fiancee is so tired of this hero worship. She knows what she signed up for and she goes in every day without complaints while her coworkers make these sob story posts about how terrible and awful it has become.

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