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See, I ask those types of questions, and the next thing I know, I start to smell something akin to rubbish burning.

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Well, thank you! Your words honor me, and I would love to teach your children.

You know what the secret for me is? I didn't go to school to be a teacher. I have an alternate route license! Can you believe it?

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And now I'm going to be violently ill, thank you! :P

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You know what would really piss her off? Call her a peanut head.

Don't ask me why, but for some reason blacks take the greatest offense at it. Just be prepared to duck.

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I am so over this bullshit, Fam.

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Thanks, Fam! ^_^

I'll tell ya, the best way you can make up for your less-than-polite behavior is, if and when you have kids, don't give their teachers a hard time. It's perfectly fine to defend your kids, but at least listen to the teacher if they're saying something is wrong. Kids acting angelic at home and like a little shit at school is far more common than you think...

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Too right!

I'm still pro-life...but damn me, if there was anyone out there who could change my mind, it's that picture of her! Yeeeeeesh!

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Are they not doing virtual school? Here in Mississippi, the schools were closed, but school in and of itself was not ended. We teachers had to have class through Google Classroom and Zoom. So, at least we were not sitting at home all day. I can't speak for your neighbor, though...

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Keep in mind, Fam, that there are teachers like me who aren't scared, knew this thing wasn't a big deal right from the get-go, and are ready to go back to work.

A couple of weeks ago, the superintendent's office e-mailed out to us a return to school survey. I used the opportunity to drop some truth bombs, including linking the CDC's own webpage with the flattening death curve. Strange, I haven't heard back from them...

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As a teacher, I resent that. There are indeed lazy teachers out there (and frankly, a good number of professors are quite lazy, so I won't bother changing your mind about that one), but even the most liberal teacher I have met -- and I've met so many that conservative ones like me are really an insignificant minority -- cares deeply about our students and getting them to learn.

We have to get up way early so we can get to the school well before the students do, and in cases where the school is a good distance away, that means watching the sun rise as one is driving in.

Once we arrive, we have to make sure our lessons are cocked, locked, and ready to rock. As the day goes on, we have to keep ourselves engaged mentally. Parents are not disciplining their children anymore, so if we want to have a reasonably smooth learning experience, we have NO CHOICE but to be the parent these children need. You think raising two kids is tough? Try between 90 and 180 per day, 30 at a time. All this while attempting to teach these kids something new in the hope that they'll pass whatever new state test they've pulled out of their asses over the summer.

Finally, 3:00 (or 3:30, or even in some places and school levels, 4:00) rolls around...but nope, we still can't go home. Most places will require you to stay afterward for a half-hour or more so that you can grade papers, run copies, and prepare for the next day. For the good teachers, it takes way more than half an hour. These days, it's at the point where even the janitors leave and are done long before we can finally pack up and go home. And that's assuming one hasn't volunteered (or been volun-told) to help with any number of after-school activities and sporting events, or forced to attend some endless faculty meeting where a principal drones on and on about bullshit that could have easily been disseminated via e-mail.

Now the day has ended for me. I made the trip home. But I'm still not done. There's always more: more papers to grade, more things to tweak for the next day, more miscellaneous things to eat up what precious little personal time I have during the school year.

This dance goes on for 180 days out of the school year, and truth be told, I don't have the room to go into any deeper detail. Yes, we only work 180 out of a 365 day year. Yes, we get 2 months off for summer, and numerous other breaks. But we need them. This isn't a physically demanding job like construction or trucking or the like, but it's extremely mentally and emotionally demanding. With physical requirements, one can develop stamina; with mental and emotional drains, there's just no stamina to be developed in that sense.

But hey, if you think it's so easy, why not get your teaching license and join us? Bet you wouldn't last 3 days before those kids make you run screaming out of the building like a bad horror movie star.

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all the numbers that identity as letters of counting.

Rene Descartes has entered the chat

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Chickety China, the Chinese Sicken!

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Even the pony is bowing its head! What a picture!

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You left something out:

No one invited xir to an Independence Day party because xe would be yelling and screaming at everyone to "sOcIaL dIsTaNcE!" and "wEaR tHe DaMn MaSk!" and the party planners wanted a peaceful party (at least until the fireworks show, but that's a whole different matter). Sour grapes loser feels bad.

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Dwight Schultz (Murdock from The A-Team and Barclay from Star Trek: The Next Generation) was for the longest time one of those closet conservatives. I heard him a few times back when Savage still had a radio show and Schultz would guest host. He didn't expound much on his experiences, but I do remember him mentioning about having to hide in a bathroom with a small transistor radio just so he could listen to conservative talk radio without outing himself.

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