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Came here to say just this. Most Hispanics respect the police. Now if we could just get those along the border to vote Red instead of Blue, we’d be winning.

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I made breakfast tacos with GOYA retried beans that I made myself. Freedom is SOOOOO delicious!

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I wish I could updoot this post a thousand times.

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He gets a cushy guv salary and all the perks, and all he has to do is what his number 2 tells him. He was a puppet.

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I hope they win the suit, and get this commie to relent. But...I’m sure there’s a rancher or landowner that could open his or her land. They could erect massive air-conditioned tents with bleachers to conduct the meetings, and bus all participants in from surrounding cities where there are enough hotels for everyone.

Problem solvers find ways to solve problems!

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I’m thinking maybe some Upstate or Pennsylvania-based Pedes with big diesel trucks should roll some coal with the exhaust pointed directly at the street.

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It sure would be a shame if a bunch of oil-based black paint were to be poured all over that “mural.”

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There’s been three I think just this year in Dallas involving EXACTLY this scenario.

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