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You do realize it’s all for show, right?

Barr needs to appear at odds with Trump if you expect when the actual arrests to begin to look as good a possible. The world is a stage.

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The whistleblower. He knew who it was and had detailed and specific information before Bongino at least announced he knew. I listen to Bongino everyday, that's why I'm saying this guy is damn good to have scooped him on something as significant as the whistleblower. And if you trust Q, they have also all but confirmed it's about to happen. Posting just today "Justice" with all 0's for the ID.

They needed impeachment to end before they could start. Because until they used it, they could try and use it to turn public interest against him. Now people are mostly pissed about it and just want answers, which is their perfect time to provide them in context of all that's happened the past 3 years. As Rudy put it, he's going to vindicate himself against all the different political and legal attacks that have been thrown his way.

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I'm right there with you. That's why I added in the comments that it's not confirmed. But it all makes sense to be honest. First Col Cuck and Ambassador Backstab, then on to the bigger fish. There is other evidence like this tweet from one "in the know" Leftist replying to the whistleblower's attorney:

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This is not a certainty but I've been following this guy for a while and his intel has been good thus far. He actually scooped Bongino and many others who have a more public presence, with his intel.


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He’s great. A little abrasive and overly apologetic at the same time, but very well informed and has some great rhetoric in combination with Joe sometimes.

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He's funny and I agree with him on far more than I disagree. He's not as bad as Benji who is a fiscal and monetary conservative. Economics aren't everything, plus I don't think he actually likes commies.

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That's fine. But racism is still a marxist concept.

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We don't need to have a conversation about race. Racism is a marxist concept used to control conversation and change demographics.

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Symbolically, yes. Unlike Obama who gave them the largest """aid""" package in history.

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Always with the professional victimhood...

I don't hate any particular religious group. I've been to Israel myself.

You do realize this is an AMERICA FIRST site... right?

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They defend themselves by blowing up children sitting behind an impenetrable iron dome defense system.

Fuck them. I care about the US, not the middle east. If they're that incompetent and unable to take care of themselves after nearly a century, cut them loose.

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You don't want to find out Yoda actually started out as a female who started taking T?

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I finished reading "Inside Trump's White House: The Real Story of His Presidency" by Doug Weed. Learning more about Melania was fascinating. I knew she was smart but her love for Trump and her son are very real.

Don't fuck with Melania. She will end you if you cross her. She grew up in a communist environment and is only the second practicing Roman Catholic, someone who practiced it when doing so was criminal and could end a family.

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Comedian in Chief. If he was a Democrat they’d be making musicals about him.

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