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Only if we're willing to fight for it

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Right? I experienced the same disappointment initially.

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I'm an investor and I would never, ever take my company public in this woke corporate bullshit environment. There's better ways to get capital.

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KMac? She would bitch slap the court around all day. I would love to see that

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If only there was some kind of organized group of civilians dedicated to law enforcement. We could even give them uniforms.

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I don't think anybody deserves to get fired for constitutionally protected free speech uttered outside of the workplace.

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‘I’m Not Asking You, I’m Telling You’: LA Mayor Says Customers Without Face Covering Must Be Denied Service I have a medical condition and the airline required me to wear a clear splash shield instead of a mask as the minimum requirement to board the aircraft. Which I wore like a hat. I was the only person on the plane not wearing a mask because they literally threatened to throw other people off the plane for not wearing theirs properly for the entire flight. They kept coming around checking and making people fix their masks if not being worn properly.

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I've been a freeface since day 1 but after my trip to clown world this weekend it became clear the next thing they are going to do is deny you basic services if you refuse. That's what happened to me.

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When I first typed this up I used that term: hate our country. Then I had to stop because my brain bluescreened at the idea that our own military hates this country. Thanks, Obama

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