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Obviously Trump should go out.

But Trump's problem is actually within his own Executive Branch--the FBI and DOJ are expressly against Trump and populism.

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I could see SCOTUS overturning one state. But we gonna need other dominoes to fall in place.

Like Wisconsin SC making a big ruling? Idk.

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Ya, I've seen the most retarded takes and confusion regarding the "8 pm deadline rule".....

...like arguments that Trump wins PA because USSC will overturn that....

But, to those saying that, do you even know how many such ballots fall in that category? Would you be surprised to hear it's probably less than 10,000?

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Do you want to be on the list of state senators who votes expressly for Joe Biden?

If the legislator seats its own electors, it's either Biden or Trump.

I will personally say I would not want to be on that list if I liked being a state senator.

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They won’t just get thrown out. It will have to be a lawsuit. Supreme Court plays kingmaker...

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Ya it’s like we know there’s laws on the books, the problem is the ones counting the votes are the ones supposed to be wnforxing the laws. In the past people weren’t willing to cheat on a massive scale. But now they are.

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It does sound like additional info will be coming out. From the server?

The play would be to release after Thanksgiving anyway, if the server has the info

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And people buying Lamborghini’s off PPP loans, where they lied in the forms for hundreds of thousands to millions.

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Yes. abs that might not even work. Manchin said he wouldn’t pack.

I think in 2022 we have a lot of Senate seats up though

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Gorsuch is like automatically literal about t the law. I think that works for us.

Really I think the decision makers will be Kav and ACB.

Thomas and Alito are locks, as long as we can get the consolidated cases before them.

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i honestly see him more as wanting to prevent the Court from being packed....

which libs would do if they start to freak out that precious rights to kill kids are taken aware

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