TexasJack 17 points ago

The trans craze is emblematic of our most basic problem of the day: We can't even agree on basic definitions of reality.

TexasJack 5 points ago

Barr was the GC of Verizon for like 15 years. Has to be worth north of $50 million. The last thing he needs is a govt paycheck.

TexasJack 8 points ago

I hear you. I know I have the minority viewpoint on this here, but I remain confident that people are going to be indicted for the Russia hoax.

Barr is a 100% by-the-book guy. Frustrating sometimes, but I think you will see the benefit of this in a couple of weeks when he testifies in front of the House Judiciary Committee and not one of the Democrats is able to lay a finger on him.

TexasJack 5 points ago

Well, BLM is murdering 8 year-old girls now. This is tame by comparison.

TexasJack 10 points ago

I'm a Barr supporter, but enough is enough is enough.

Get it in gear, Bill.

TexasJack 2 points ago

He is surrounded by enemies and has been since Day 1.

I fear that the Maxwell arrest is going to turn into a false allegation against him. SDNY is full of Resistance-types who would absolutely go as far as to offer a sweetheart plea deal in exchange for getting her to say what they want, and I don't know if Barr will do what is necessary to stop it.

TexasJack 12 points ago

This would be a perfect time to announce the commutation of Roger Stone's sentence.

TexasJack 4 points ago

Do not trust SDNY. What's one little lie to a woman who is otherwise looking at 20 years in jail?

TexasJack 2 points ago

Thank you! People don't realize that the SDNY is a nest of anti-Trump vipers. Comey's daughter. And remember the guy on the left? Daniel Goldman, did 10 years at SDNY before joining the impeachment circus.

I do not trust anything that comes out of that office.

TexasJack 1 point ago

The Feds will vet her but prepare for the fact that this case is going to draw a lot of fake victims. They smell money.

TexasJack 8 points ago

Listen to the doctors. Listen to the science

And that's exactly what he was doing, yet they acted like HCQ was something Barron whipped up in a White House bathtub with a Junior Scientist chemistry set.

TexasJack 2 points ago

Voted for him and, even worse, sent him money. But you're right - between him or Obama, he was the better choice. It's still hard to believe how bad he has been as a senator.

TexasJack 2 points ago

That seems to be everyone's hope - that there are other "big fish" to be reeled in with her as a cooperating witness.

I am highly suspicious of SDNY. It is a nest of anti-Trumpers and I suspect they have something up their sleeves.

TexasJack -1 points ago

First, I trust nothing that comes out of the SDNY office. Remember, Barr originally wanted to put someone else in charge temporarily and that got scuttled.

Second, I really don't give a shit about this case. She's guilty, ok send her away. But where are their priorities? "Sexualized massages" from 25 years ago given to a dead guy? There are 14 year-olds being hooked on drugs and pimped out in motels all across this country right now. Let them do something about that. This is mainly sensationalism.

TexasJack 9 points ago

Presstitutes must be totally demoralized by their inability to get to her.

TexasJack 7 points ago

They are mixing positive antibody results with positive covid results and reporting all as new cases. Not good.

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