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Use uBlock Origin if you go on Reddit on the PC and Reddit Is Fun or Apollo if you use Reddit on mobile. Don't give them ad revenue.

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I have in the past, and it is a decent choice. It has some kind of revenue sharing feature that may need to be turned off (not sure if it is on by default). It is also chrome based, and if you want to use chrome, I think dissenter is a better choice. I also don't know if there is a multi-account container extension for chrome browsers.

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I though Karen was a name for a woman.

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I've been playing since Civ III and they have been SJW's for a while. They are just much worse now. Much worse.

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Close! Idiocracy is actually a documentary. Theme is a poor choice of words. Find the hidden message.

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The r/coronavirus sub is just a spin off of r/politics. You literally cannot find a thread there where "orange man bad" isn't upvoted to the top.

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More comments:

supershaft25 Rt 17 northbound in the longhorn steakhouse parking lot. I called it in but apparently rochelle park police have a full plate on their hands. Saw two cops talking to each other in the next parking lot over. Eh don't care. Best case is that they end up killing each other.

local_housewerk Ahhh trump boot deepthroaters

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I would also like to add for any of these liberal big tech companies, if you must use them, please use an adblocker.

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i wouldn't be surprised if we were being DDosed, aka the internet equivalent of getting hit in the back of the head with a bike lock.

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From the article:

"Buy a distressed company, outsource the jobs, liquidate the valuable assets, fire middle management, and once the smoke has cleared, dump what remains to the highest bidder, often in Asia,”

Couldn't happen to a better company. Hope he does reddit next.