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I was just about to say the same. It was very weak. I was hoping he would start with a good one to catch people’s attentions. The rest better be way better.

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Makes no sense. They have all the evidence they need. Looks more like he is compromised. That leaves Durham. Is he an independent agent or another swamp rat. Barr gave him full discretion.

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He will look like a massive clown.

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They are. But first you tell people then you release. That way more people will tune in.

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Yes. Cnn viewers are beyond Hope but most people are not like them. I feel that regular non political people are really waking up this time.

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But the saxophones are not wearing any masks. Surely that’s against code 23456 paragraph nine sentence five.

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Lol I didn’t mean the sick stuff. Surely there is enough corruption there to put together a kick ass video edited like his promotional videos showing all the claims he is making about these people. Then it will be up to those people to prove their innocence. It would put the focus on them.

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He is only embarrassing himself yet again and falling into another one of the trump traps. Just like when he tried to coin the term the trump shutdown but it ended being the Schumer shutdown.

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maybe trump should show some of the evidence on a big screen at one of his rallies. It would make the world take notice.

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very much so, but strangely they believe they are free. They also believe they are not conforming. Must be all that LSD. Don’t think it’s the weed cos I smoke like a trooper and have an intense hatred of anything related to Karl Marx. He was the ultimate soy boy.

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Yep. The vaccine is free. The contracts are for PPE and healthcare services. They did a big expose on it. Every single contract awarded was given to people who had direct connections to politicians in parliament. Bogus companies were set up and awarded huge funding using tax payer money by the government. One woman alone who was a self confessed party girl with zero knowledge of anything beyond her own hedonism, was given half a million alone to supply thousands of cover all’s to medical facilities and hospitals. She had zero experience in anything outside of Instagram and later admitted that a Chinese company had hired her as a front. There is also a company called SERCO that is being paid over ten billion pounds a year to house illegal migrants in deserted hotels across the country from the lockdown scam, paying for all their needs while depriving anyone else of using these hotels. SERCO is a giant company that no one has heard of. They are involved in everything from entertainment to commercial to business to transport to education. They are awarded multi billion dollar contracts by governments and yet they hide in the shadows. They are human trafficking migrants into the country and the government is paying them to do it with billions of taxpayer money. Then you have the Islamic rape gangs that are being allowed to rape thousands and thousands of girls but the police do nothing about it. London and Paris will erupt very soon. Too many crazy north African gangs and fanatical Muslims and sectarian divisions. Diversity is a massive weakness. Boris is selling his country out and he hides while all this and more is happening.

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Many people dismissed the general too quickly. Some were shills but a lot were angry Donald.win members. Long time members should not get a free pass for being arrogantly dismissive and accusing everything of being a larp. Especially when they just shout insults at people and make no relevant points. These are the same hypocrites that call others doomers and idiots, while they fly off the handle at the slightest setback and start acting like hysterical women.

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