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I'm not making another plebbit account. Let me know if you decide to use a different platform for something similar.

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Before the election, we couldn't sue because the election hadn't occurred yet, so we weren't injured.

Now that the election has occurred, we can't sue because the counting is done. The counting that happens after a judge declares the count over still counts, but don't think about suing over those because they've already been counted.

Freest and fairest elections ever, and don't fucking question it!

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Officers get Silver Stars for making the perfect pot of coffee while indirect lands within a few KM.

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Every other word will take you to another Guardian article for clicks, but they refuse to link the actual tweet. These progressive fucks are allergic to sourcing their work.

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Forget the electors, the state legislatures have final authority, but the republicucks are too busy helping Biden win. They don't have the balls to Stop the Steal themselves.

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Bernie said we weren't ready for UBI yet. Trump implemented it.

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Can we stop putting things that shouldn't be on the internet on the internet? Nuclear plants, counter-top bombs, and shoes have no buisness being on the internet.

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The state legislatures can order their electors to vote for Trump and stop the steal. The republicucks need to find their balls.

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No, most of them are cultural ballast that blow with the wind. Our enemies are progressive media, universities, corporations, and politicians. That includes the 90% of republicucks that are progressive like Lindsey Graham.

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They'd probably start a nuclear war, which would be far less destructive to the world than the media-intelligence industry has been.

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Are you telling me that cocaine Mitch had to sit through 8 hours of bitching per judge. The Turtle is a Saint!

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Normally, this would be the crazy spectacle of the year. Now, it's just Monday.

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The sheriffs are little barons. They aren't accountable to higher politicians and can literally raise an army at will. They are vital for the right.

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He is a weak cuck too. Look at that fucking groveling. He could at least act the part of an elite aristocrat instead of making America look like a bitch.

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