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That retired general that many in here claimed was just a larp.

Lots of things get dismissed around here just outright without even making an argument.

Not complaining since this is still the best community on the internet, but saying "fake/larp" and nothing else isn't a convincing argument to anyone about anything.

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What a nice guy (trump obviously)

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They could be corrupt or bias to an absurd degree. Its also possible they're being threatened like the election board in Michigan.

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It's almost an impressively bad ruling.

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Well, if Biden was a smart and honest man this would probably be his best route to take.

I'm confident he was aware of the fraud taking place, but perhaps he didn't know how blatant it would look.

That's a big if though.

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Chances are pretty good his 2018 EO about election interference is going to come in like a nuke once the democrats/communists have fallen back to a position they feel is defensible to their base.

its set to be released no more than 45 days from the election.

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That could just be them on the defensive.

The thing about uncovering lies is all it takes is a seed of truth to grow into a perspective that is incompatible with other held opinions.

Its possible if theyre honest with themselves, and interested in the topic enough that they will end up uncovering a "rabbit hole" that they cant back out of anymore.

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The actions from "the left/globalist entities/dems" have come from a place of desperation since Trump won in 2016 when they lost absolute control. It's been very clear, and remains to be clear that this is the case and will likely continue to be the case.

You don't blatantly rig an election at 4am in the morning while the world is watching because it's convenient. They did it because to achieve their goals it was a necessity. Those in desperate situations are when they are most dangerous.

We (Trump supporters) are holding the line. We crossed theirs long ago and they've been doing everything possible to take it back.

But I'm sure most people reading already know this.

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Doing "weird things" to get his opponents to talk about things they otherwise wouldn't is a classic Trump strategy.

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Suppression polls through and through

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IDK. I kind of feel like a lot more public facing people get it they just don't announce. Kanye for example on joe rogans podcast said he got it, and no one knew about it before then.

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