Tendies4Patriots 5 points ago

I just deleted my alt accounts from Reddit. It’s a liberal, Trump hating cease pool. I hope Spez dies soon of ass cancer

Tendies4Patriots 2 points ago

Just fucking die already Soros you old ball eyed piece of shit!

Tendies4Patriots 2 points ago

Her pig cankles can barely walk to Bill Clinton’s jet without breaking. How’s she going to riot?!

Tendies4Patriots 1 point ago

I hope his old ass is among the first to die

Tendies4Patriots 2 points ago

Thank you mods for creating this sanctuary

Tendies4Patriots 11 points ago

It’s about getting anonymous funds from God knows where into the right hands and cleanly into the US banking system.

Laundering money 101: it’s all about getting dirty money into the system, the rest of it (lost value, etc) doesn’t matter.

I work in finance and we see people try to take out $1M accounts with 10% early termination penalties (designed for institutions and VERY long term investors) and they will turn around and happily try to withdraw the funds a day later losing $100k. It’s all about getting the initial funds in the channel. Luckily, it rarely happens because we have safeguards....

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