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The Far Left understands the importance of not surrendering the monopoly of Hard Power, which is where you may be missing where your range buddy comes from.

Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary

-Karl Marx

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Maybe that's the plan in the harsh lockdown states?

If that's the plan, it's a piss-poor plan.

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They also work as a handy Cloaking Device. Liberals neither recognize you nor pay any attention to what you're doing if you've got a simple disposable mask on. And on the recognition front, facial recognition systems don't know who you are either.

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The French, it's because they passed some kind of stupid law that makes filming the police illegal in overly broad circumstances. This is 100% on their politicians.

edit: some details https://apnews.com/article/police-paris-police-brutality-france-emmanuel-macron-27f4206b9716691e4ba4172e9b6252ac

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Someone with a copy of Hunter’s laptop’s hard drive dumped most of its contents on the internet, just like people had been asking for.

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The suspicion a lot of us have been having now is urban turnout has been trash for years now, and something like this is how they've been maintaining their positions.

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This would flip at least 37 house races away from the democrats to the republicans if it really was applied uniformly nation-wide.

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Their documentation should specify which components work with it. If in doubt, go with cz brand or something absolutely known to work with it.

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I bet we could raise his fee without much effort. It might even be cheaper than a bake sale.

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They could hurt us bad economically.

Not really. The United States' GDP is only about 11% dependent on exports, we are quite literally neighbors with Rwanda in terms of how interconnected our economy is. And then, even half of that is with Mexico and Canada.

As for military threats, all the navies of the world combined do not match the firepower of two Carrier battle groups. We normally operate at least three, but could rush that up to six or even the full eleven if need be. On top of that, no power has the ability to both transport troops and armor by air to our bordering states and supply them for their campaign into our territory.

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You may have qualms about him, but his consistent desire to get the fuck out of politics indicates he's a decent choice: Nigel Farage is coming back to root out the Tories. Based on every indication so far, he will not overstay his welcome. If you want to uproot both Labor and the Tories, go with whatever he gets going.

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The apparatus in action.

Not mine, but if it were loaded with 22lr tracer rounds and you gave no fucks about ricochets it would do the trick.

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Crowder is Gutfeld unleashed. In fact, he was a frequent face you'd see in the Red Eye days.

He streams his show Monday through Thursday for two hours, starting at around 10AM https://www.youtube.com/c/StevenCrowder/featured

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The truth of all printed guns is printing the magazines is always a winning move. A spring costs $1-2, and the plastic materials of a 30-round glock magazine are about $2-5 depending on how fancy you get. They each last 500-600 rounds, but the spring lasts longer.

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Well over $1000 for a factory CZ Scorpion with minimal bells and whistles. The barrels range from $150-250, the bolt and fire control group together is probably another $200. Plus the cost of the printer (which is about $200), $700 will build this gun though you will save an assload of money printing magazines.

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There are many. The FGC-9 is the flagship right now, as it it uses no regulated components in Europe. There are many pistols too, plus rifles. Here's the very silly printed AKM receiver launch video, the Plastikov: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_gjwGNkVX8

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And if that should fail, which I hope not because if it goes we're going to be immersed in hell for years


For fuck's sake, let's not let things go that far out of hand. At all.

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