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Agreed. You volunteering?

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Don't know all the particulars of this case, but believe it is highly unethical for any repair shop to do something like this.

That said, it takes a really stupid lawyer to send in a laptop WITH the hard drive. Who does that? Would you want this clown as YOUR lawyer?

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Yeah. These are amazing times.

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Trump is Bluto - from Animal House.

Remember the ending?

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Agreed :)

Next, the great Reeeeeeeeeeeee.

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Won't suggest it won't be a struggle, but have you ever considered abandoning the clearnet and taking control of your fate?

Make that choice - and you'll never answer to "higher powers" again.

Just baffles me why people set themselves up for censorship.

No one can or will protect you. Their system. Their ball and bat.

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Quit visiting HD months ago. Ace only now. Haven't missed HD at all.

Haven't bought a burger from McDonalds since pink slime. Once was a reliable customer for them.

And Gillette? Well everyone knows the drill.

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Good points. Still, none of this stuff is constructive. WE (humanity) need to stop.

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We'll be returning to fortified/defensible and segregated castles soon, with neighbors providing any needed muscle.

There's no other way.

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"It's all in plain Engrish right there. There's no hidden meaning in my post- I don't think listening to NPR 5 hours a day says anything about someone, especially once they realize it's biased and give it up. Some people drive for a living or whatever and there are only so many commercial free stations to listen to."

Agreed. Is not indicative of his leanings at all.

And it's better to assume you are dealing with open minds - otherwise you might not make any attempt to sway them.

WE NEED every Democrat voter we can steal. Let them eat each other. Republicans will just pass them a beer.

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You sound like a cult leftist going after a heretic after they change their mind.

We need to swing every possible Democrat we can find. Getting former NPR listeners into guns sounds like a good strategy to me....

If I knew a Democrat getting into guns - would probably load up a nice batch of ammo for them gratis. Human nature is prebuilt to reciprocate. So when rightists are kind and helpful - it makes leftists look rather nasty.

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