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Smartest post in this thread imo. Looking at social media would you have thought Biden would win the primary? No, it'd be Bernie in a landslide if millenials had their way. Dem boomers and gen-x'ers are still the driving force of the party out in the real world.

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They also take the shape of any container they are put into.

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We have the best removable discontinuities, dont we folks?!

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Ha, i like yours too. Just obscure enough.

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Just enough self awareness to know it should be a DM instead of something youd want everyone to see. Scum of the Earth.

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Dems: There's insurance for that, whats the problem?!

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A new solar system, lol. Makes it sound like Elon has figured out a way to condense space dust into planets.

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I started reading that in Abe Simpsons voice about halfway through. If those episodes were on now Id seriously think his ramblings were a parody of ol' Sleepy.

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Further down is a tweet from Ian Miles Chong showing antifa terrorizing a woman on her front doorstep in a Portland neighborhood.

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