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Thank you, I was stumbling trying to decipher what he was alluding to by using that figure.

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Hands are full of a “fishing’ rod”

and the “tackle” on our backs.

We just stood there “getting wet”

with our backs against the fence....

And we looked at “the swim”

and we jumped right in,

not to mention “fishing poles.”

Oh, the “water.”

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You gotta understand modern “art.” The real him is lying on the ground with the three cops - representing the dad who walked out on him, his mama’s BF who molested him, and the lover who gave him HIV - taking aim at him. The standing figure wearing the welding mask and furiously clenching his cheeks, represents him overcoming all these challenges to become a top at his next all-male masquerade party. Simple, really.

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Can I get a proofread before sending?

Nov.3 DO NOT DELETE! Aric,

Hey baby, not sure if you remember me- my name is Bruce, we met at the bathhouse in Georgia a few weeks ago. Just wanted to reach out to warn you there’s a photo of you circulating on Twitter right now where you’re counting ballots in Floyd County. They posted your selfie with vp-e Harris too. I think this gave them enough cause to get a warrant to start listening in on your calls- if they aren’t already. Aric, please honey, you are in real danger! If you read this, please don’t make any rash decisions- do the right thing & go get yourself tested for HIV. If the test is negative, then please go ahead, blow your head off to your heart’s content. If positive though, baby I beg you to consider the safety of the cleanup crew and take too many pills instead. Your cat and the guy at the dildo shop will miss you but will soldier on without you.

Later, Princess,

9” Bruce

Too much?

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2% of the populace comprise 50% of the villains. Seems like something more people are beginning to notice

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@ADLBot Ach! You can’t say “30 pieces of silver.” I’m telling your HR director. Give me money.

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Where’s the Jewish South African bitch that he married six days after meeting her? You know, the one that totally isn’t a spy

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The don’t call ‘em Prairie Joggers for nothin’

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🎼The dems are going to jail down in georgia They was lookin' for an election to steal The was in a bind 'cause Joe was way behind and he was willin' to make a deal🎼

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Interesting. Did you get the $2,500 check from VW? I really wanted a Passat TDI back before they got caught but I went with a car about five grand cheaper instead. I could’ve kicked myself later when I heard owners could keep their Passat and would get a settlement payment as part of the agreement.

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I see you got downvoted to shit for rightfully pointing out the Talmud as the disgusting, Jewish-supremacist nut rag of a document it is. Telling, no?

For a more contemporary look into how modern American Jewry feels about White America, especially white American women, refer to “Portnoy’s Complaint” or most of the other works of Philip Roth. Or refer to Harvey Weinstein, Dustin Hoffman, Jeffrey Tambor, Mark Halperin, Jeffrey Epstein, Leon Wieseltier, James Toback, Israel Horowitz, Al Franken, James Levine, Jeremy Piven, Woody Allen, Brett Ratner, Michael Oreskes, Bruce Weber, et al.

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In Edwin Black’s book, The Transfer Agreement, the one that got his parents excommunicated from their synagogue, he refers to the elite Jews as the “hofjuden” and the peasant Jews as the “ostjuden.” Soros, being Hungarian, was definitely “ostjuden.”

I recommend everyone read the book. There’s a reason his parents were shunned while none of his assertions have been challenged.

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Incompatible with western civilization

The other ones too

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If anybody’s interested, there’s neat history with the “jeep” model that Biden & all the democrats in the video were sitting in: https://gomechanic.in/blog/mahindra-thar-the-jeep-history/

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