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Democrats have been fantasizing about exactly that since 2016.

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Nothing to gain from it, otherwise I would have been the one driving. Based on the chatter I'm hearing from the local Democrats on social media we will probably have to give them a correction soon anyway. No need to travel.

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Even the ones who aren't afraid of the scamdemic are faced with the reality of a government enforcing these edicts. I have friends who are business owners and they only enforce the scamdemic restrictions because the government forces them to. Branch Covidians are quick and eager to report any violations to the government.

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Fauci is a major loose end, as his involvement in both the research to create the virus as well as the vaccines are well documented.

Yet the Democrat useful idiots worship him as the Democrat God of Science. I recently saw Democrats that I follow on social media posting excitedly about the Pfizer vaccine because supposedly Fauci was on board with it. They stated, and I quote, "If Fauci approves it, I'll be the first in line to get it!"

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That's when the government steps in. We already have this going on with the lockdowns. There are plenty of businesses that would love to allow people in without masks and social distancing bullshit, but the government has stepped in with force and closed that as an option.

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Can confirm. I follow a lot of Democrats on social media and they are convinced that Biden won and are shocked by how close it was. They see the millions of people who voted for Trump as racists who need to be dealt with. They will reject any and all evidence that contradicts either of these views, no matter how overwhelming or compelling. They are completely demoralized and radicalized.

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No mental gymnastics here, fren. I stated that the mask bullshit is likely what initiated the entire thing. It's pretty obvious that he wasn't arrested for not wearing a mask though, being that he was wearing a mask as they arrest him. His son, who wasn't wearing a mask, wasn't arrested.

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I agree that the mask mandates are bullshit and I gave up on Costco years ago.

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Costco has already made it clear that they will enforce the mask mandates at all of their stores. Most likely the manager asked them to leave, the father refused, and the cops arrested him for trespassing.

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After watching both videos it appears more likely that the arrest was on a trespassing charge. I think the mask bullshit initiated it, but that's not why he was arrested.

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I'm thinking you are correct that he refused to leave and that's why they arrested him. The mask bullshit was the reason for kicking him out, but the arrest was likely for trespassing, not the mask. The guy being arrested was wearing a mask and his son who wasn't arrested was not.

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There is a pretty big gap there in showing what happened in between the manager calling the cops and the guy being cuffed. I don't doubt that mask bullshit is what started it, but I'd like to know why the cops arrested this guy. It's odd that the video doesn't show the initial interaction with the cops.

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I have friends that I've had to dissuade from traveling to engage commie terrorists. They would be so excited if Antifa actually tried this shit in our town. It won't happen though.

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Those that won't will simply be replaced by those that will. That's what history has taught us.

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Their competition shit the bed, and these guys are taking full advantage. I love it.

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