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"Churches" ain't always ... church.

iow, even "church" should get the side-eye til you know what you're dealing with.

They've been monetized, commercialized, marketed, hawked, sold to the highest bidder, run by pedos, used as $$ laundering fronts, the whole gamut of worldly crap - so much more than I've mentioned here.

My personal peeves (besides the above) is how it's more akin to a Saturday Night Bar Scene except on Sunday a.m. without alcohol or turned into a HS popularity contest in the run-up to cheerleader/football tryouts. I hate a clique worse than I hate a rattlesnake - cliques are a damn-sight less predictable than a rattlesnake.

Sometimes the best "Church" is getting out in Nature, or praying alone in your bed (God hears you!); sometimes it's best to "live alone in an attic."

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Plus, seems to me that peoples' churches and communities/individuals should provide "charity" - not these corporations that masquerade as charities. wtf do they actually do to help people?

In my community, if someone "needs" anything they get it. We have a few serial 'needy' folks but they almost always get what they need and/or want. We're a soft-hearted lot.

Up the road from me, an old lady lives in a home rent-free because of the Spirit of Community.

In town, an old (old!) black man hasn't had to leave his house since March because of the Spirit of Community ~ we all shop for him, check to make sure he's ok, healthy, etc. He's provided firewood to 1/2 the entire area for decades so everyone knows him. I've had to wait in line to see him twice! in the last couple months lol. He loves the attention but always says he doesn't need anything.

Yeah, we might look sideways at ya for a minute if you don't live around here, but we take care of people. That's how it should be.

Transients in any area don't get those Community bennies - and cities are full of disconnected transients. Families are broken. Fix that shit while you still can, people...you may not have another shot at it.

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Except the Black community apparently values light skin, and Whites don't tend to judge people for having a tan...they lay in the sun to look tan.

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Ew. They look eerily similar to one another.

iS tHiS d0cT0rEd??

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No. And I really wish they'd learn the difference between a noose & a loop of rope that's used as a garage pull or a 50ft clothes line.

ffs, BLM - get your shit together. This makes ya look like a bunch of snowflakes.

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I have an actual gripe - my upvotes aren't registering! I see the orange arrow up but the count doesn't change.

I are an interwebs idjit, so don't know what's causing it. Is it the site? TIA, to any helpful nerds out there in teh web...

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Pronounced "Bubba Smo-lee-yay!"

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I can't understand why the guy grovelled. I'm an old, tiny little female and that man wouldn't have kept me on the ground like that, groveling and feebly holding my hand up and mewling.

I hope the kid is ok and everything but that shit's embarrassing. Get UP, man!

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Haaa! Raise your hand if you thought 43 pulled a Juicy Smo-lee-yay "MAGA Country" attention ploy!

Frankly, I'm glad it was a FREAKIN' GARAGE DOOR PULL LMAO but people, c'mon - if you're gonna tie a noose, please make a real noose so every looped rope in the hemisphere isn't a "RaCiSt No0sE!!1!"

Shit's outa hand up in here, people panicking & hyperventilating over every rope anywhere near a Black person. Maybe now - after 2 strikes - they'll stop breathlessly reporting this shit until facts are in.

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It's sickening to see a bunch of dumb-ass kids roaming around in violent mobs, destroying the nation's historical statues unchecked.

Those monuments to the past belonged to everyone. They had value as cultural reminders of who we were.

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I did too, actually, til I saw her comment with no "Golden [S]" behind her name!

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Hey...just noticed ~ 380+ comments from frens, but not a single comment by OP.

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I don't want to know about straight peoples' sex lives, either, so I'm an equal opportunity bigot.

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Nobody cares that you're gay.

Welcome home! Now get out there and MAGA, Patriot!

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