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Does he take BP meds?

If so, even if he has a virus (or the virus) he could possibly need a change in BP meds for reasons unrelated to a viral infection. It's not uncommon for people to take a medication for years with great results, then suddenly need to change, for various reasons.

That doesn't explain his fever but my point is perhaps it's unrelated to whatever is causing the fever, jic I wasn't clear about that. Long shot, but possible. Stranger things have happened - correlation isn't necessarily causation, as they say.

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Perhaps he should consult another Dr.

Our little guy kept a fairly high fever (101-102) for several days after the peak of 105, but 9 days seems excessive even for COVID-19 doesn't it? I don't know how long WuFlu hangs on with such symptoms, tbh.

We didn't have any lung scans or x-rays done. Glad your brother did, so at least you know that part seems fine...

Prayers said for his quick recovery from whatever it is.

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Agreed 100%. SARS was taken seriously because it's a dangerous freakin' virus, but they didn't shut down the world over it.

I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but there's something going on with COVID-19 we aren't being told. I truly believe that.

We had a teenaged kid with 105F temp in early Feb, rushed him to ER. He tested neg for 'flu and the doctors said he just had some kind of bad virus. He had a cough for 6 weeks after that. I've never seen a teen with 105 temp before! He may have had it and we didn't know what it was. If so, our entire family has been exposed. I had a 'flu bug with fluctuating fever, headaches, chills, cough. Still have the cough but it isn't a dry cough; neither was the teen's. Definitely productive cough...as in, choking on phlegm on occasion. So maybe we had it, maybe we didn't.

Weird times.

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Same! I remember in the mid-70s my brother came home on Leave; walking up in his Crackerjacks, he looked so awesome. We hadn't seen him in a couple or three years.

He had a large anchor tattooed on his forearm, and a tiny anchor next to his thumb. He'd crossed the equator, and like all his shipmates he pierced one ear to commemorate it. Apparently 'twas a naval tradition of deep importance to sailors.

Dad saw that and aw hell naw! Made him take the earring out while he was home lol. The tattoos were a sore spot with Dad too - thought they were offensive. Surprisingly, Mom didn't mind the tats or the earring; she understood the tradition was important to Old Salts.

My kids went thru dying their hair, wearing certain jeans, etc - i always let them do and never fussed at them about it. Guess I'm more like Mom than I realized...

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Will do! I'll check twatter later this afternoon ; )

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We don't yet know the lasting effects this virus will have on the people who catch it.

We won't know, perhaps for years, whether this virus causes systemic damage. Once a person has a virus, they always have that virus. Since I was 17, I get shingles periodically - caused by the chicken pox virus I caught at 8 years old.

Think about that...I still break out in very painful blisters, get low grade fever, tremendous headache, body aches, and neuropathic pain from a common virus I contracted over 45 years ago.

People used to have 'chicken pox parties' to expose all their kids to the virus at once. It was seen as essentially harmless, but it never leaves the body. I was blessed that it affects my lower body. I knew a beautiful woman who went blind from it affecting her head & eyes. She killed herself.

There are some academic reports stating there is a protein insertion? similar to what is found in HIV. Pretty sure that didn't occur naturally. Bottom line, we don't know exactly what this is, but I'd bet that GEOTUS does. If it were bio-warfare and announced as such, the masses would go ballistic like hysterical sheep with a wolf in the pen.

I trust Trump. He wouldn't have shut it all down if he didn't know more than we do about this...so I take it seriously. I agree we need to get the country up & running, but Trump wouldn't waste a second doing that if he thought it was time.

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Such a gift! Thank you, I'd never seen nor heard of Kaylee. What a tear-jerker!


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I looked for news stories, can't really find anything except this: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/bernie-sanders-gets-stitches-after-cutting-head-shower-door-n983776

There's this video, I only watched til the guy showed the pic of BS with the bandage & black eye - less than a minute into the vid. It's apparently from the same 'fall' so who really knows...? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgUOKRoT0oM

spez: omg right below our comments, u/AverageIQIndividual already posted the NBC link before I did.

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Maybe - I can't remember if it was his eye or his head tho. I'll look, see if I can find the story on it.

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I don't mind tattoos, kinda like 'em if they're done well.

What people choose to tattoo on their bodies tells you a lot about them. I'm not above asking strangers if I can have a closer look - first I compliment them on one of them, then ask if I can look at it. Most people appreciate it - I've never had anyone refuse or be insulted by it.

I will say tho, that a lot of our patients that have Hep C have tattoos. It's the needle-sharing thing but instead of IV drugs it's a 'secret' rose tattoo on a 20 yr old sorority girl's boob or a flaming skull on a young man's arm. I believe they've started using ink in individual, disposable containers now, & disposable needles, at least in the reputable shops.

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Some time ago he had either a black eye or a cut forehead, don't recall which, and the story was that he fell in the shower.

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And they were puppets (probly not for the DNC like Bernie is tho)

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I was asleep for several hours, fren.

What a beautiful, beautiful song to wake up to! Thank you for sharing it.

I love the ending, so cute. Kids are so adorable, you never know what will come out of their mouths next but those little brains are going & growing 100 mph!

Happy Easter, missfrew. God bless <3

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I do have sympathy for them - which is why I think the psycho perps should be put to death.

Advocating for the death penalty should be a solemn undertaking, reserved for the worst crimes such as those you've mentioned.

As far as deterrence goes, if the realization of death isn't enough to deter a crime, I don't know what is.

Like I said, wipe them from the face of the earth and move on.

I refuse to become the monstrosities I oppose. It's a 'slippery slope,' as the saying goes.

We're on the same side, you & me. We can agree to disagree.

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wtaf, they're employing 17 yr old girls to write drivel.

Oh, the drama!

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In my opinion, it basically is the swastika of the modern age. The intense irony is that it's a picture of a Communist Jew. smfh...clown world.

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