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Hawaiian shirt? Is that a Bugaloo Boy?

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Context: The weirdo was oddly moving his hands around, and did not issue the salute, but we're living in ClownWorld where brain-dead youths tear down abolitionist states so why not?

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Biden could throw a concert with:

  • Led Zeppelin reunited with zombie John Bonham
  • The Who with a sober zombie Keith Moon
  • The Beatles with a weekend at Bernie's John Lennon
  • Rush with Neil Pert
  • Queen at Live Aid
  • Original Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Depeche Mode with Alan Wilder
  • Nirvana
  • David Bowie

and my sexy first-love right there with me not a day older.

... fuck'em all, Still Voting for Trump.

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Sickle cell is more of a factor.

However, Africa pretty much serves as the Guinea pig for Big Pharms testing.

"Good news Mr. Gates, we only lost 100 last night!"

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I'm expecting their parent's lawyer to also be loaded up in the van.

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It's what happens when you buy your stick welders from Harbor Freight.

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So going forward I guess any conversation with HR can be had if you preface an explanation of your actions with the phrase "Allah does not permit".

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I'm sure Fox, being the city dwellers they are will feature segments on kneeling and apologizing when the mob overruns NYC.

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Dildo bayonet? Do you realize that you now will have to control the crowds of beta cuck soy boys that want to "impale" themselves on it?

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That would be a convenient way for the DNC to rid themselves of Biden. Makes you wonder if that's the reason they're keeping that gimp locked up.

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I'm sure the Hawaiian judge will be on vacation when the time comes to hear from him. I guess we'll have to wait until he gets back.

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Nah, Notre Dame was just a simple case of a lit blow-torch being tipped over during an Aloha Snack Break. Nothing to see here, ignore the hundreds of similar, albeit smaller church fires across France.

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I'm always suspicious when they roll out some old-timer to try and convince the sheeple that the hoax is real. I bet he feels pretty damn used, or maybe he has financial incentives.

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So what are your politics again? You're all over the place depending on the topic, time of day, etc. Very curious.

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It's the ultimate irony to be blasted by their favorite countries weapon. At least in Minecraft.

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