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This is the next step for the left. Accept that some fraud occurred, insist not enough to turn the election, and then try to emerge as the good guys by “taking action” to ensure future elections are run better.

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The shredding company cannot be expected to take responsibility for the documents given them by a client. How could anyone review each and every document for criminality before shredding it? That’s like saying the trash man is an accomplice to murder because a body was found in the dumpster.

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Perhaps from a Best But type shredder. I assume a company like A1 would guarantee they can’t be recovered.

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Try using a PO Box as proof of residence for anything. See what happens.

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My understanding is that these addresses were used as their residence not mailing address.

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Venezuela has elections. According to them, Maduro won the last one. We know they were fake and Guaido won. The US officially recognizes Guaido as the legitimate president of Venezuela.

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Even if he did become 46, it wouldn’t matter. He has no power of influence. Impeaching him would accomplish nothing.

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Wait, are you suggesting the link is directly into the original source files? And that we can go in there, change the files, and save them as the originals? Because if you are...... BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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I see a lot of money moving around and a lot of shell corps. Definitely transactions coming from China. These are all details that continue to support what we already know: Hunter was peddling influence.

Is there a smoking gun in this dump? Has anyone found the one thing that ties the Big Guy into the scheme?

Look, this is a substantial drop, but I don’t see how it moves the needle that needs to be moved the most right now.

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The corporate world’s “it” factor does not allow much room for decency or humility imo. I was taught to play the game, help only those who can help me, and to always CYA.

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