SupremeDick 4 points ago

They are losing the voter block they have depended on for decades

SupremeDick 24 points ago

That means the lockdowns were for nothing essentially, it was already circulating, we’ve just been had again, their tactics are getting desperate and more aggressive, the millions out of work, the economy, all for nothing

SupremeDick 3 points ago

Everyday, it is kind of is natural, just a part of his personality

SupremeDick 1 point ago

At what point does this not seem like a larger conflict is going to erupt out of this situation, it’s seems to be that the radical left is birddogging, they want shit to hit the fan, they are so far in the hole, it’s their only way of winning

SupremeDick 4 points ago

TFW your going to federal “ pound me in tha ass” prison

SupremeDick 7 points ago

Just listened to the press conference, the suspect ambushed the police officers with IEDs and gunfire, killing a 38 year old father with another on the way 😢 and another hoping he will survive

SupremeDick 5 points ago

Reminds one the agents in that show about catching drug smugglers from Mexico through the airports and what not

SupremeDick 2 points ago

“self-identified as “boogaloo” boys, a term used to describe those calling for a violent civil conflict”

Projection at its finest Rioting, looting, burning, attacks on police, innocent people killed=violent civil conflict

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