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Lol fake news. That's already been debunked 7 ways to Sunday.

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Link to a study that shows masks work or fuck off.

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IT IS MY TIME AND I CONTROL IT!! Barr activates Bane Voice: Do you feel in charge?

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There are unenforceable terms put into contracts all the time. There are plenty of lawyers out there who have made a fortune on challenging contracts so stop bullshitting. Accepting Terms and Conditions is a contract yet SCOTUS says they are unenforceable.

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If a clause like that exists in his contract then he can challenge the constitutionality of it for infringing on his 1A protections. Since this is a Public school that receives tax payer money he should have a case.

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Yes they are, this isn't even up for debate. it's happened in the past. Radical Marxists are in capable of planning, all they do is live for the moment and then society collapses when they killed everyone that was skilled and educated.

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If the survival rates remained the same at scale then 111K died because HCQ was banned by the Media and Dr. Doom Fauci.

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This is conspiracy level bullshit, sorry. Not only is this blog hideous and hard to read but they take a galaxy sized leap to "funding for a NATO Police Force in the USA."

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As a resident of Rochester there are no white nationalists here. The city is about as blue as NYC (just a much higher poverty rate). In fact there was a "BLM" protest that marched down Monroe Ave. yesterday that blocked traffic. We all saw the horrific videos during the looting that came from here as well, even President Trump called them out in his address to the nation following the looting.

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We are reaching levels of trolling that we didnt think possible!

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