SuperMagat [S] 6 points ago

The same Chick-fil-a that donates to SPLC and no longer donates to the Salvation Army?

SuperMagat [S] 2 points ago

Can we send her back to Somalia with a trillion of whatever worthless currently they use there to fund her perpetual incarceration?

SuperMagat [S] 1 point ago

Are the archive sites still functional?

I haven't been using them for a while.

SuperMagat [S] 2 points ago

Nice. Downloaded.

All future correspondence and web design will now incorporate this.

They think they are so clever, when they really are masters of the self-own.

SuperMagat [S] 2 points ago

.started the process of removing Google resources (namely, jQuery)

Excellent! Cut them off.

SuperMagat [S] 1 point ago

Maggots, but I don't take it as an insult.

Maggots feast on decay so that life can continue, and there is nothing that represents decay more than their failed, death worshipping ideology.

But all I hear is MAGA and their desperation.

SuperMagat [S] 7 points ago *

Reddit is a ghetto.

This is a secret headquarters, a meme dump, an information and news repository.

Social media is splintering, we have the whole internet to MAGA on.

There were 17 people on /shitthedonaldsays

That's pathetic.

Go to the Politico comments and punch a thousand cucks right in the dicks.

Go to a Mastodon instance and slay "leftist furries for open borders"

We are the media.

SuperMagat [S] 1 point ago

For comments and they show inline now?

Thanks pede.

SuperMagat [S] 4 points ago

People like Tim are interesting. They know the truth but still hang on to the belief system it negates.

The stretchiest cognitive dissonance rubber bands among us.

It will be interesting when all those rubber bands snap.

SuperMagat [S] 5 points ago

Did Jonah Goldberg leave her at the mall?

Seriously though, we haven't really lost her until she shuts the fuck up.

"Please, please, please... Come pick up your childish, running her stupid mouth, fake ass, pseudo-intellectual, disinformation agent at the information kiosk.... "

SuperMagat [S] 7 points ago

That information is the fire that keeps us warm. That is why the cucks suppressed and falsified it.

SuperMagat [S] 1 point ago

Reddit smells like Grandpa Joe's hairline.

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