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Really you could insert any commie turd up to and including Bernie

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It's simple science, within 6 hours* of conception the zygote is creating independent and unique DNA that will never change. That means it's a living human by scientific definition. Ending it's life is murder

*Its likely earlier, our technology can only determine that DNA at around 6 hours

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Is it worth saying that you shouldn't judge people by the color of their skin or is that too old school

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There isn't evidence it's real (at least not compelling to me) and for the record I don't believe most of it

But saying it's dangerous and trying to silence it is total bullshit

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There isn't any, and for the record I don't believe most of it

But saying it's dangerous and trying to silence it is total bullshit

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I honestly don't understand how anyone can accept socialism unless they are SO useless that they can never compete in the real world. If that's so then I definitely don't want to take political advice from them

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This is (as we are all aware) an attempt to push socialism and steal an election

And it's not that you have immune vaccine at 99.8 AND natural immunity at 99.8 (as if it's two separate levels) the vaccine boosts your immunity to 99.8%

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Typical shit,

show me evidence he's racist (you can't)

Show me what countries that acted differently did in deaths per million (They are nearly equal)

Show me wars he's started (none)

Show me economy he has weakened (only china)

Fuxk off or show some proof

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Not that I don't love putting steel on terrorist

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It's such a joke, they want Kamala to get in and blow up everything up.

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Honestly, the moderator being able to cut the mic is the best incentive Trump could ever have to make his points and stay off Joe. Joe will fuck his own world up, Donald is smart enough to nail him on it too

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Yeah but it's only funny when you fall for it, otherwise your just reading some old man rambling

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Anyone who was ever on the military knows what's going on here...this is how they teach you to throw grenades

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Blacks that would vote for Biden is a level of something akin to Stockholm syndrome.

It would be like Princess Leia just accepting she's Jabba's fuck toy and being cool with it because one time Han said some mean things to a bunch of fat chicks on Corresant then made fun of Palpatines fingers.

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So I read the Neon Revolt book and I thought a LOT of it was total bullshit. But I do have to admit, all the Epstein and pedo stuff looks more real every day

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