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You know we are sharing brother :)

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Fourth rule is that if you haven't committed voter fraud you must drop a commie who has supported voter fraud from a helicopter.

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to be fair he's been in the media game for a while - I trust him to bring the hype to garner the attention when it drops

we would probably be criticizing just as much if he put out videos with no warning

I agree that it is probably overly hyped, but this is the way to bring focused attention to important matters in our day and age

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I agree but at the same time the rules for death penalty need to be truthful true, fact-based, sure, veritable, exact, precise, honest, fair, faithful, unbiased, objective, unvarnished, unadorned, unadulterated, and unexaggerated. A lot of overlap there, but even one innocent person put to death is too many.

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I'm pretty sure this is aimed towards us :(

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FTP is pretty insecure so it would make sense in that aspect. I've seen too many of these things go nowhere to hold my breath though.

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great meme - took me a minute to realize what it meant

maybe more capitalization and a line between election and against would make this perferct

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you don't get ostracized in the liberal media because you are wrong... you get ignored

I remember him getting a lot of shit in the media 4 years ago

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I've always wondered what Sumo vs BJJ would look like

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Most corrupt on record. I wouldn't be surprised if we had some bigger weasels in the past. Madison/Hamilton/Wilson were huge rats and it's amazing they didn't bring us down quicker.

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lol when they try to fine my family during Thanksgiving

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it's almost like we may have known that pearl harbor was going to happen and didn't do anything about it because daddy war bucks was so tempting

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so hard for me to believe but I can't say it's wrong

if they threatened his wife and daughters honestly I wouldn't blame him though

you get that deep and know what they can do to your life - would you really let them die in a car crash?

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