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Yeah brother, think of it this way, you know you're capable of memorizing obscure things, take those 3 hours a week and invest it in a cool hobby. Learn photoshop or to code or someshit.

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I read a few axios articles a while ago and I thought they were ok, didn't think they were super biased, but this is disgusting

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No matter how crazy something seems and how dead to rights you think you have someone there's always more to the story. Now that awful scene of an innocent man being kneed to death makes a ton more sense (still shouldn't have died, but so much more nuanced)

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Oh no, they don't wuv us!! Mommy, teacher, help! But srs, Hate is not a bad thing there's a lot of things you should hate. this whole "love" thing is some old school leftist hippy bullshit. That lead to them being the most intolerant assholes imaginable. . It's okay to hate

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Even the quality of these shit articles has gone down. These journalists are paid to write articles yet they're worded as if their brain is bleeding out while typing. Half the time I have to re-read the article because I end up more confused than when I started.

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I'm being serious, communist hold values antithetical to our constitution. They are traitors to our country, viewing them as such is the most patriotic thing you can do

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We need to bring this attitude back. Treat them like vermin

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What a fucking pussy, I just use my 3 foot dildo when I need to fight

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Yeah same. The Blacks own plenty of illegal guns. It's good to see legal gun owners for once. As long as they're not violating anyones rights, why should I give AF? We may need their help when they start giving out mandatory vaccines.

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Shhhh dont tell them. They rock! They're super deadly! ;-)

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Guns actually make these situations better. It forces people to be peaceful. You can light things on fire and throw frozen water bottles all day, but to do that to someone with a rifle? You can set off something big

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