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"Lifelong confirmed bachelor" is the preferred term.

Just like a certain former SecDef.

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Or unless the President of the United States calls out the militia.

"...every able-bodied man..."

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The precedent has already been set many times.

1958: Ike uses 82nd Airborne to forcibly desegregate schools in Little Rock 1967: Johnson sends the 101st Airborne to put down the Detroit riots 1992: Bush 1 sends Marines from Pendleton to LA, but they arrived too late to take part in the Rodney King Riots.

All enabled by the Insurrection Act of 1807.

George Freakin' Washington, while serving as President, personally led a 13,000 man army to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794.

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Serious question: In other big riots (Rodney King, MLK, Long Hot Summer of '67) I don't recall seeing all these police cars being destroyed. During the current insurrection, it seems like it's SOP for the cops to park their cars in straight lines in unsecure places and not post a guard. Philly was particularly egregious. As a result, I've seen many videos of cop cars burning and trashed. WTF? Are the cops TRYING to have thier equipment destroyed?

And what about the Antifa in Seattle who "liberated" a CAR-15 from a cop car and then surrendered it to a private military contractor at gunpoint? Do the cops not even secure their weapons when not in use?

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Not a County Sheriff, a municipal Chief of Police. Sheriff is usually an elected position, and is thus more responsive to the will of the voters. Police chiefs are appointed by the Mayor/City Council of wherever, and they dance cheerfully on their puppet strings for their sweet, sweet salary, pension, and benefits.

Sheriffs are USUALLY less pozzed.

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Today's cops are more about making catchy public service videos. (This is not a parody. These people are actually drawing wages, pension points, and benefits for their efforts.)


Riot control, though -- not so much.

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Where's the rest of the paisans in that neighborhood? That camera"man" should be sucking his meals through a straw right about now.

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