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She's being distanced because she went after sitting Republicans (Kemp, etc).

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1.8 million ballots were sent out in the state before the election and 2.5 million mail-in ballots were counted (BIG)

Need more info on this.


This site says it was 3,088,123 requested.

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Where are we getting these numbers from? Where do we find that they mailed out 1.8M ballots?

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Sure, Alyssa.

  1. Throw out all of the illegal votes (fake addresses, psychiatric hospitals, non-witnessed mail-in ballots)

  2. Eliminate unsecured mail-in balloting

  3. Full investigation into all county clerks and poll workers

  4. Fully explain the highly suspect behavior that was witnessed under oath (Michigan vote dump, 600K dump in PA, etc)

Do this and I'll get back to you.

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Agree. The big 10x spike in fraudulent "indefinitely confined" non ID-required voters in WI with the followup investigation on the social media accounts. The Mens Rea using UPS locations with "Apt#". It is absolutely proof of widespread voter fraud. This warrants complete investigation at this point (Matt could only get big samples, of course, not every single vote).

And most of the comments here aren't even talking about the video. Top upvoted comment is a generic "landslide 2020" garbage.

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It's a really good video. It's not about "statistics" or a lot of random conspiracy, unverified garbage you usually see here.

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Did you watch the video? He actually looked though people's social media to see if they were "indefinitely confined". They weren't. This has less to do with "statistics" and more to do with actually leg work.

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I'm seriously impressed with this video. Unlike well-intentioned but ultimately lame and lazy social media personalities like Fleccas, he actually follows through. Fleccas just presents a list from the website of dead people voting but makes no effort in calling or finding out if these people actually voted or not. And he gave the lamest excuse possible that this isn't his job (you fucking brought it up, asshole).

Matt actually tried calling these people and did not widespread dead people voting. He actually looked up the social media of the people claiming to be "indefinitely confined) and found 70% of them not actually "confined." The uncovering of fake addresses (PO Boxes and commercial addresses hidden as "Apt #") is pretty huge too.

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How do you fire an explosion based projectile in a vacuum?

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Sure, back signature verification review, tossing out of all illegal ballots (no poll watchers, no residential address) and mail-in ballot reform/elimination and we'll talk.

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I never liked Ingraham. She always seemed so fake to me. And after she bent the knee to that FBI Agent's kid after her job was threatened, I lost any respect I had for her.

Tucker makes some good points and has done some terrific monologues. But I've been on the fence on the guy ever since he went against Trump in 2017 on firing Sessions. I lost a lot of respect for him when he tried to push Sessions on America again in 2019 during the Tuberville runoff.

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I don't follow the Geneva Convention unless the other side is a Signatory.

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You remind me of the officers who would order their men to charge head on into the enemy causing massive causalities. They fragged "macho" lieutenants like you in Vietnam.

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