Squidproblow -1 points ago

The guy getting smushed is the victim. That was HIS car being stolen. We are rooting for the wrong person.

Squidproblow 5 points ago

Asymptomatic spread does not exist. The results of the studies were so blatant even the MSM had to report it. It goes to show how once narratives are shaped theyre impossible to get rid of. Little johnny with no symptoms is not going to give it to grandma.

Squidproblow 55 points ago

33? Maybe 33 years ago.

Squidproblow 2 points ago

I use brave on my phone. Its good. Blocks ads. Seems privacy focused. Some bugs here or there. Locks up here or there. But who gives a shit.

Squidproblow 2 points ago

She deserves credit for serving her country. But losing legs doesnt add any validity to what she says. Shes fuckin retarded and irrelevant.

Squidproblow 11 points ago (edited)

If antifa and blacks can riot and burn cities down then we can stand in line to cast a vote.

Squidproblow 1 point ago

Im no tucker fan. But he has on anyone who will come on and he doesnt back down.

Squidproblow 1 point ago

Id rather see this piece of shit die than RBG. Fuck this guy. Fuck his family. Fuck his dog.

Squidproblow 4 points ago

I had no idea this was a thing. I spent a bunch of money today too lol. Wish i would have known i would have spent way more.

Squidproblow 6 points ago

Guess i know where im going if dems steal the election through mail in voter fraud. Or poland.

Squidproblow 54 points ago

Well laying off 8000 of the chinese kids making all the shoes that fight oppression should save them a cool 500 bucks this year.

Squidproblow 3 points ago

I havent seen his comments. Im not following anything about the nfl that isnt on here. But for people like him is probably best to smile and nod and say black lives matter so it just goes away.

Squidproblow 0 points ago

Youre giving one gay dude an awful lot of credit. Id wager bernie supporters voting for Trump had more of an actual impact on Trump winning than milo.

Squidproblow 3 points ago

I love whitlock lol. Always have. When hed stand in on pardon the interruption. Havent seen espn in 6 years... no idea who tf is even on there anymore?

Squidproblow 16 points ago

What people are against are the insufferable 4chan posts with cryptic messages that could literally link to any event in the world. Then when anything happens, they pull up some stupid screenshot to “prove” Q is real. “A powerful figure will be taken down at the hands of the righteous”. Then some dude dies of a heart attack in Iran and here come the stupid screenshots.

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