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He's so boring his own fans don't even turn up to his streamed youtube videos and they can't even comment anyway. His fans are old and brainwashed. They go directly to one youtube video at a time from an email chain and get exposed to 0 ideas in non-existent comment section (yes reiterating that). Then they get suggested videos pointed to cnn or some bs, all rabbit-holes are cut off. Honestly, I think the shills here attack him generically to blend in lol

If we want any older, now mentally abused, Biden fans to embrace thedonald.win and have a coming-to-Jesus moment we should combine the hilarious, yet not mean and gross Biden memes with issues affecting seniors. Has he screwed the VA for example? Yea!

To each their own, just my opinion. Man the keyboards!

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It's just like that girl who died a bunch of times with different names in Iran.. Nice find! What youtube video is this from?

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At first I wanted to say "Haha how weak are these san francisco wussies unable to handle real life" but yea I've seen some really shocking videos on 4chan that made my body break into a sweat, so this is kinda legit actually.. We should probably be a bit empathetic. : (

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Schizophrenics and those with severe bipolar disorders have a 15% suicide-rate which contributes to the "mental disease" classification... Gender Dysmorphia has a 40-50% suicide rate but NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

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"medally boi" LUL -- ohhh that made my day, thank you kind, humble kek-farmer

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Imagine being so soft and weak you think being assertive is "raging".

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If anyone has time for a rabbit-hole on this, look up the Brock Turner rape allegations (he's totally innocent).

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I love our great president sooooo much. Damn, it really does feel like they're not after him, they're after us but he's just in the way!

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Exonerate has a better ring to it though

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Protestors protesting Protestors protesting... That's so meta.

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Libertarians are a BIG TENT. We pretty much disagree with each other on everything besides liberty and our right to disagree. I would identify as one, but wouldn't necessarily vote for one. It really is kind of a non-party-party really. I would advise you not to criticize them as a whole, but we really don't care anyway lol

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PBS: "PBS is an American PUBLIC broadcast SERVICE." = We pay for it with our taxes.

YouTube: 36,000 views 304 upvotes 2,400 downvotes.

PBS: "Comments are turned off"

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It's good isn't it? LibertyPen youtube channel has some good content, worth a sub

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so pathetic. what an ignorant and naive lifestyle.

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oh my god what a cuck.

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Nice Bait Shill! Go ahead and cite buzzfeed - that will work on us.

I'll go ahead and humor you. Walmart "23 employees" Amazon "6 employees" Kroger "5 employees" Target "1 employee" Costco "1 employee died according to buzzfeed"

36 / 3,314,000 = 0.001%



Edit: oops I meant 0.00001% LOL

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LOL leave it to liberals to explain to you how their losses were ACKSHUALLY wins somehow

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