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It appears to be true that women get the advantage.

But I think it's deeper than that.

It's the ABUSER who gets the advantage: male or female.


Because they will abuse the spouse, the kids, AND the court.

Happened to me, and I'm a woman. Happened to another woman I know as well.

In this world, apparently women may be more abusive...particularly as they are more immature.

No normal person poisons the kids against their parent. Only someone who is abusive and disordered.

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Well, not if 70% of those in the government are going to be arrested.

Better wait until a new crop comes in.

We know we'll have the same president.

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Oh, I don't know.

Trying to get your spouse killed probably won't make the judge look well on you.

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Thank you!

I've been saying that women suck and it's the men's fault.

They see "hot" and lose their minds. And they forgive women their immature, overly-emotional, petty behavior.

What if men stopped accepting women's foolishness and insisted they grow up?

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Almost like she was trying to get him killed.

Cheaper than a divorce?

And you get to play the grieving widow.

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Drug money.


Ships going in and out.

Probably a lot of sex trafficking -- including kids from the Caribbean.

They've got a whole little mafia going down there.

Don't forget the guy who was supposed to testify...and washed up on the beach.


"A federal prosecutor who worked at the U.S. attorney’s office in Miami has been identified as the man found dead along Hollywood beach this week in a case being investigated as a crime.

Hollywood police confirmed that the deceased man is Beranton J. Whisenant Jr., 37, of Miramar. A police spokeswoman said he may have suffered a head wound caused by a possible gunshot or other type of trauma."

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About that uranium...

I believe that Killary, had she won, would have nuked us and blamed Russia.

She could have used uranium that matched the uranium SHE sold Russia.

We are very lucky.

We'd better make sure Biden loses.

And I want military tribunals, dang it! I want to see those traitors swing in the wind!

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I consider China, CCP, to be shorthand for the New World Order, which includes the UN, EU...but is in large part financed by CCP.

They already have a place set up for the capital: Astana, Kazakhstan.


They changed the name last year to Nur Sultan.

Check it out. It's illuminati central.

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Wait until the child trafficking stuff comes out.

It's already started a bit.

Recall when Pelosi, Jr. went to Ukraine to find boys for soccer?

I imagine that was a cover.

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Well, I believed it.

Still do.

She was apparently with McCabe, too.

But I'm willing to consider I could be wrong and it was just cover for treason and sedition.

When do the hangings start?

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I didn't see a duck-faced plastic surgery-looking woman, but I didn't see hot, either.

He is more attractive than she is.

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They've ALWAYS been like this!

It's their history.

No wonder they want to tear it down. They are afraid of being found out.

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He got the Roger Stone treatment.

Edit: By that, I mean out-of-proportion response seemingly meant to intimidate or harass; certainly to embarrass, because of his political views.

Still gonna wait a couple of days before I allow any strong opinion on this. Dan Bongino rule.

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So glad she said this.

They are indeed "looking like coons in the street."

Wait until they find out who's behind BLM -- and it ain't black folks.

It's the same people who put blacks on the plantation and are keeping them there. Using them as cannon fodder.

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Don't worry, Brad.

IF it turns out that your wife was setting you up, and you are innocent and of good character...

THEN the Trump Curse will be invoked and she will be shamed unto her last days. She'll have to leave the country and change her name.

Still following the Dan Bongino rule. In another 24 to 48 hours we'll see what the real story is.

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I heard Ilhan was a crack whore.

Don't know if it's true.

Heard she used to run with drug dealers.

Can anyone confirm?

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No, dems do not want to coddle those with mental illness.

They want to make more of them.

It's easier to take over a nation after you've weakened the citizens. And you can use the mentally ill to terrorize others.

This is all intentional. Part of the plan to destroy us.

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Do you want to end up like Prince Harry?

About to lose EVERYTHING, possibly all of his royal titles, because of some yacht slut who was allegedly really good in bed?

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