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The African guy seems cool.

The black American is messed up in the head.

This is your brain on DemoKKKrats.

Now I hope people see why I loathe DemoKKKrats so.

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The guy killed his own son.

Bail was denied Friday for a 23-year-old man charged with beating his young son to death in Bronzeville.

Michael Robinson faces a count of first-degree murder in the death of 23-month-old Antwun Gayden, Cook County prosecutors said.

Robinson had started visitation with his son only weeks before the boy was found unconscious Tuesday at Robinson’s home in the 4200 block of South Calumet Avenue, prosecutors said.

Interesting how the article titles make it sound like it was a stranger attack.

Wonder why?

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I don't care whether or not Wayfair is a thing.

However, it does get people thinking in the right direction. And questioning authority.

Like a math problem -- you might end up with the wrong answer, but you learned a new way to think.

Now you just need to tweak it a little bit and fix where you went off the path.

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Please Lord, let this be true!

Mark Taylor has been saying the Supreme Court would be rocked by scandal.

This would be such confirmation!

And we can get rid of John "Traitor" Roberts, once and for all.

Then Justice Thomas can be Chief Justice Thomas, which he should have been already.


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That's a REALLY beautiful dog.

I want one!

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Interesting idea.

How about a little legend?

Some say that early humans, CroMagnons, bonded with wolves as they hunted together to track down a human-like nocturnal species, the Neanderthal, that preyed on humans.

The humans then wiped them out...except for the Neanderthal-human hybrids, who still exist.

The largest amount of Neanderthal DNA is not found in Europeans, but in people from the Middle East.

Anyway, that's a story that is circulating. No way to prove it.

Personally, I have some kind of spiritual link with wolves. Wonder if it is ancestral?

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TIL: Being actively anti-racist means becoming paranoid, seeing everything through the lens of race, being obsessed with it.

No thanks.

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Is Amy Berman Jackson related to former Southern District of New York U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman?

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He's not totally wrong.

Except that without Africans and Europeans making music together, we wouldn't have rock.

Or country music.

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historically, ALL liberal appointees to the SCOTUS with zero deviation vote as a monolithic bloc

Collectivist thinking. That's inappropriate in this country. We value independence of thought.

Also dems take an oath to the NWO. They don't defend our Constitution. That's another reason they vote the way they do.

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We may never know...but it's good thinking!

At this stage of the game we need to question EVERYTHING we ever thought we knew.

We don't need to jump to conclusions, but we do need to consider all possibilities.

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Don't let it make you hate everyone and everything.

The only people I hate are the aristo-commies (I just made up that term -- I like it) that think they are better than everyone else and treat humans like cattle.

In this country, it's mainly demoKKKrats and their ilk.

Think of the joy you will feel when the battle between good and evil is won and these vampires have been swept off the face of the earth.

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This is what open borders and sanctuary cities are for.

Child trafficking.

As well as arms and drug trafficking.

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Wayfair also has connections with Maxwell.

They aren't pro-MAGA. They just like the money and the opportunities they get from working with DHS to provide furniture to these temp residences.

The suspicion is that they are using that as a cover to traffic children.

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Very true.

I usually avoided Goya. But now I'm seeking it out and stocking up.

So I guess I'm Trump's market that's opening up -- I want to support the company for having courage and not backing down to the freaks.

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Me, too!

Is it in the public domain?

if so, I know where I'd like to use it.

Southern_Belle 3 points ago

It's so nice to see two beautiful, intelligent women working together as a team to present the truth.

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