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Thinking the same thing. Racism was almost dead in this country, but the outcome of all this violence and lawlessness will likely be the most racist generation the country has seen in a long time

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Aside for the current shitshow going on on NY, Deblasio changed the laws for evicting tenants and rent controlled housing about a year ago, that was a major hit for NY landlords. This, and the fact that all evictions have been suspended for months, is just the nail in the coffin

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There is a whole lot of stupid going on. If this is what they were going to do, they should have brought bull dozers. Got ot the vans, secured them with chains and pulled them out

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This RSBN fucker is getting on my nerves, maybe they should have fouund a reporter whose balls have already dropped

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Looks like the National Guard is going to send a strongly worded letter to ANTIFA

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What are they fuckin around for. President is scheduled to speak in 2 hours and people need time to get through security checks

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Because his previous record up until a few years ago was as a constitutional conservative. You hear the media excusing his behavior as him feeling some kind of moral obligation to shift towards the "center" due to the supposed conservative swing of the court, but that bullshit doesn't pass the smell test

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Why the hell to we have an extradition treaty with an authoritarian regime?

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He's looked bad at times to. He is good when he knows what is coming and can prep (CNN hacks are predictable). He is not great when he has to think on his feet.He leaves a lot of questions unasked on his show, and a lot of statements unchallenged

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I agree. He is good in his show, but has looked bad sometimes when off script. He has been fearless in standing up for the truth, but some of his views have made me a little nervous. I think his staff should get more credit then they do

He seemed to like Yangs universal income just a little too much . I agree with POTUS' stance on ending wars, closing overseas basis etc. But I think Tucker would want more than that, I think he would weaken our military deterrence make the U.S. vulnerable which eventually would lead to war.

I view him as a more polished Rand Paul. Good guy, overall good views, but naive. Jim Jordan is a guy I could fully support

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Gratitude is a fundamental human quality. It is possibly the most basic quality trait in major religions and society. From a religious stand point, that is where honoring ones parents, and teachers and love of G-d come from. From a societal perspective, the concept of "owing someone a favor" is as old as society itself.

Many teens go through a rebellious stage, where they fail to recognize the gratitude they owe their parents, and all the sacrifices their parents have made for them.

By all respects, it seems like your father was an excellent father. For grown-ass children not to acknowledge the debt of gratitude they owe him, and to treat him with dis-respect, puts them on the bottom rung of human morality. All while they posture and preen, touting their superficial and sanctimonious Social Justice bullshit

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Gotta say, the PPP loans were a brilliant idea, that is why most of these jobs are coming back so quickly

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