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I'm in southern Cali. There are Trump flags everywhere. Only one lame Biden sign in my neighborhood. Fucking commie neighbor!

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Michelle Obama was born Michael Robinson. That's a MAN, baby!

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Obama is so fucked. I don't know who Trump despises more, him or Killary. I guess I can't pick either. HANG THEM BOTH!

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Yeah, it's 24/7 MAGA rally with up to the minute news as a built in feature. My favorite website ever!

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Team Freedom! Team Trump! Team America!

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Obama sneaking around the globe, following Trump and trying to keep his dirty deals in place until they could remove Trump from office one way or another.

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That's how it should be. They should be embarrassed to be a part of the attempted demise of our great nation.

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A while ago, when Trump started talking about treason, she brought it up on The Five and the look on her eye was disbelief and fear. She knows she's fucked!

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Then explain Trudeau. You're saying they are so stupid they actually voted for that globalist clown? Even worse!

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It is really bizarre going on the lefty blogs right now. It's like none of it is organic. All Chinese propaganda regarding politics here. The Great Orange Satan (DK, CIA) used to let normies submit diaries that anyone could read and recommend. They disabled that for the most part and now only clowns submit content. I think we are winning bigly!

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"So, we'll certify it. But someone else needs to cover our legal asses when this fraud hits the fan. Please stop threatening my kids now." If they are bowing to the pressure, it's hard to believe they aren't complicit.

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Damn disappointing. They will regret certifying obvious fraud and corruption. Throwing herself under the bus to save her family from the cabal?

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