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This is so sad to read. The horrible conditions that the residents and businesses were operating under is just dreadful. On the other hand, a lot of the businesses made explicit mention that they are in favor of BLM and even criticized police brutality against blacks. I feel for their hardship and I hope they succeed in their lawsuit but I don't know how they can simultaneously support BLM and be angry about what CHOP has done in solidarity with BLM. Maybe, next time, don't vote for a mayor and a city council who are all about Marxist politics.

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Of course, because the leader of Code Pink is Medea Benjamin who is married to a billionaire and that makes her special since we don't have equal treatment under the law in the U.S. anymore.

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The problem is that we had two years when Republicans were the problem (ahem Paul Ryan) but now the problem is the Democrats control the House. Some of our less politically orientated pedes don't understand that for Congress to do something, we need both houses. They also don't see that the main role of the Senate, for us, right now, is getting nominations approved and so don't credit Lindsey Graham for being strongest were it counted, like getting Kavanaugh through. That was something that actually yields real results. I just don't know what they think Lindsey Graham or Mike Lee can do about the local government in Minneapolis allowing rioting, arson, looting etc. Senators and Representatives have no ability to do anything about it. If Trump goes in, it's going to be a trap to call him fascist and Kent State redux. On the other hand, I feel their frustration because it looks like we're doing nothing even though, right now, patience is a virtue. The Dems are about to screw up even more and we should let them.

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I absolutely agree with you. I understand the frustration of some people who just feel we're not winning because nothing dramatic has happened but they don't see clearly.

Trump and Republicans are purposefully being coy right now. The reason is obvious. They don't know what the result of the DNC convention is going to be. We don't know who Biden's nominee for VP is going to be. Biden's VP pick is crucial this election because everyone knows, that VP is going to be the President. We also don't know if the DNC convention devolves into riots and chaos. If it ends up brokered and some other candidate is chosen like Jay Inslee, Andrew Cuomo, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama. It would be stupid for Republicans to nail ourselves down when there's so much in the air regarding Democrats.

Also, it's Democrats that are making mostly Democrat constituents shelter in place. It's Democrats allowing Democrats to ruin cities that vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. The way I look at it, the Democrats are in a three way civil war with each other. On one side are establishment "professional" dems that think they're just regular dems. Then there's a bunch of dems that are commie marxist radical revolutionaries that just want to tear everything apart. Lastly, there are a bunch of Dems that thought they were voting Dems like JFK and just realized half their political leadership make Lenin look like an amateur. These three factions can't live together. The longer we hold off, the more the first faction looks weak, ineffectual and petty. The second faction of revolutionaries looks like it's going to end up in power one way or another. The third faction is failing around trying to find good leaders and the smart ones in the third faction end up voting for Trump.

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This is probably good advice for someone who wants to be a troll. I don't think it's good advice for those who can argue well. The Audience when we argue with lefties - even the dishonest ones - is not the lefty. It's the moderates, centrists and undecideds. I am generally against someone making an asshat out of themselves by saying "hell yeah, I'm a Nazi" just because some stupid shrieking woman with green hair called them one. I am not a Nazi, a racist or anything like that at all. I am not a hater so I'm not going to say I am one.

Instead, I understand that the more my left wing opponent acts like a fool, the more attractive my opinion becomes. I do this by being the calmest head in the room and not losing my cool.

When a contestant on Trump's show The Apprentice, introduced himself to Trump as "white trash", Trump fired him. Trump didn't fire him for being a racist but rather because Trump said that winners don't introduce themselves as losers. Nazis are losers. Quite literally, they lost Europe, they lost Russia, they lost half their country, they lost territory, their women were raped, their men killed and their children were starving after WWII. They had to beg the west for food and in East Germany, The Russians took what little food the Germans had left. That and Nazis did it to themselves all for having a very stupid left wing ideology. So no, I'm not going to call myself a name to troll someone. I think if you do that, you are exactly the moron you're calling yourself.

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I don't know if it's lack of nuance or just a total disconnect from the process. Some Republicans are so used to losing, we don't know how to win. That's exactly why I love Trump. He was going to teach us how to win. One of the ways Trumps does that is by treating an ally well "He's good. He does Amazing things. He's such a hard worker." but then when he's attacked by the same ally he calls them do nothings and traitors etc. Trump is still teaching us but we need to learn the lesson.

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yeah, because that "True to our God, True to our Native land." just screams Marxism. /s

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I hate to admit that I voted for that idiot in 2012. He was better than Obama though. I campaigned for Newt Gingrich in the primary though. Who did you pick in the primary? Where you involved? Did you do anything?

I suppose you didn't vote in 2012 ?

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They're singing this before the Star Spangled Banner, not in place of the Star Spangled Banner. I really don't have a problem with that. It's a good song. Here are the lyrics.

Lift ev'ry voice and sing, Till earth and heaven ring. Ring with the harmonies of Liberty; Let our rejoicing rise, High as the list'ning skies, Let it resound loud as the rolling sea. Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us, Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us; Facing the rising sun of our new day begun, Let us march on till victory is won.

Stony the road we trod, Bitter the chast'ning rod, Felt in the days when hope unborn had died; Yet with a steady beat,

Have not our weary feet, Come to the place for which our fathers sighed?

We have come over a way that with tears has been watered, We have come, treading our path through the blood of the slaughtered, Out from the gloomy past, Till now we stand at last Where the bright gleam of our bright star is cast.

God of our weary years, God of our silent tears, Thou who has brought us thus far on the way; Thou who has by Thy might, Led us into the light, Keep us forever in the path, we pray. Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met Thee, Lest our hearts, drunk with the wine of the world, we forget Thee, Shadowed beneath thy hand, May we forever stand, True to our God, True to our native land.

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Oh, you're done. Well, that changes everything.

Yep. It's totally crazy the LEGISLATIVE branch of government isn't mobilizing the 82nd Airborne as we speak. Heck, silly Lindsey and Mike Lee, getting the Dems to go on record against condemning the riots and arson and looting. Hahahaha! What were they thinkin' We don't want Democrats to be on record about tacitly endorsing this chaos. Nope. Nope. We want to have a flippin' military parade down the streets of Harlem and Brooklyn and right in the middle of Minnehaha Avenue in Minneapolis because that'll teach those freaks not to loot right? Until the shooting starts. We can even be patriotic about the shooting. Let's call it Bull Run. We can get a picnic basket together and watch it from the rooftops because it'll be over in a couple of hours because, I'm just totally sure, the DEMOCRATS who run New York City and Minneapolis will make sure they have the full backing of the state and wouldn't try to do anything to sabotage a military mission into the big cities of America. Democrats ALWAYS cooperate with Republicans especially when they send the U.S. Military into cities. (shhh, Kent State never happened). Yep, Mike Lee and Lindsey Graham are the problem. Yep, dang them, for not just doing something and standing there and letting Democrats strongholds fall into their own Democrat caused chaos. Yep, Lindsey and Lee should run up to Minneapolis and tell Mayor Jacob Frey what to do cause I'm sure that'll work. That'll definitely stop Minneapolis from burning. Oh it's not burning now...it's a lawless land with car jacking and car jacking murders going through the roof because ya know, no cops. Cause that was a brilliant move by DEMOCRATS, so the rest of the nation should supply cops for Minneapolis because Minneapolis doesn't want to supplyand fund it's own cops, but that's Mike Lee and Lindsey Graham's fault. Okay, gotcha. /s

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I am not saying that squishy republicans aren't the problem. They are. However, we got to hold their feet to the fire when they do things we don't like. Not when they do things we do like. If you're just going take a crap on Republicans anytime they do anything, they're not going to do anything. That's why they're not doing anything.

Let me explain it to you slowly....When they do good, give them a treat. When they do bad, kick them. If you just kick them all the time, they will do nothing.

Do you not understand that politicians, all politicians only operate by what gets them pats from their constituents? If you don't pat them for being good when they are good, they won't do anything for you. We are their bosses. Start acting like it. We train them to be what we want them to be.

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ha! This is one of the reason I left Minneapolis. I've been trying to tell people about this since Keith Ellison got elected as our state representative. Everyone thought I was nuts but I'm telling you, CAIR says this. They want Congress to be 30% Islamic by 2038 and they want to set up autonomous zones with police that are like the "preventing vice squads" that are used in Middle Eastern nations.

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no, it's not. it's stupid. Trump only gets his agenda passed, which is our agenda, if we get out and vote for Republicans. Republicans that support Trump and do what we want them to do. So right now, Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee did what we want them to do. We didn't win anything out of it in terms of legislation but it did put the Democrats in the position of not condemning the riots.

if you want to blast Mike Lee and Linsey Graham for their other policy positions, than make a thread.

Without any Republican Senators or Congressman, Trump won't be able to do anything but he can't pass legislation. That is not good for Trump, us or America.

So it's a stupid cartoon.

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Great, so who are you going to vote for? ya got two choices, Democrats or Republicans. If you give a "F*** you" to Republicans when they do what we want them to do.......why would they ever do what we want them to?

Are pedes really dumb enough to understand that we have to treat our politicians like Pavlov's Dog? Reward them when they do what we want to do and save the F*** Yous for when they do what we don't want them to.

It's like some of you just want to hate every single politician all the time instead of being strategic about it. Just hatin' and screamin' and yellin' and insultin' all the time doesn't get our politicians to do what we want them to. It just makes them ignore us and kick us because they can never please us. Stop being so stupid.

I've seen a lot of these posts lately and by people who aren't on the Donald Win very often and its started to make me think that this is part of the plan for Dems to win downticket races.

Really, stop being tantrum throwers and start being strategic bomb throwers at the Enemy!

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stop turning this into a referendum on his entire political career. Today he did good. Point out that today he did good. If he does something that pisses you off, then slam him but today he did what we want him to do. Start treating the politicians like Pavlov's dog instead of just kicking them over and over and over again, and especially don't kick them when they do what we want them to do.

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Mike Lee is right. He's got the Dems on record being against condemning mob violence. That's what we want.

Understand this pedes, when they do what we want them to do, we praise them for it. Today, Mike Lee did what we want him to do. They're politicians. All they care about is good publicity and avoiding bad publicity. If we use any opportunity to bad on them, including when they do what we want them to do, than ANY publicity from us will be bad for them and they try to avoid doing anything.

Pedes, PRAISE Them when they do what we want and ATTACK them when they do what we don't want. Politicians are like pavlov's dog...you have to give them a treat to do good. Do not kick them when they do good. Kick them when they do bad. Most importantly, TELL our Republican leaders what you want them to do.

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Ya want to get hired? This is how you don't get hired.

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We do need them to fight for us but we can't ridicule them when they do. We should support them when they fight for us but ridicule them when they don't. The fact is, Lindsey Graham saying these people are trying to change America and we need to fight them is a step in the right direction. I'm not saying we should be satisfied with it but it's counter productive to pile on them when they are doing what we want.

Also and this is the big point, we need to TELL them what we want. What we want is LEGISLATION that makes it a felony to block traffic on federal highways as part of a protest, and it is a FELONY to vandalize federal statues as part of a protest. While we're at it, make it a Federal misdemeanor to burn the American Flag.

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Astor Courts Estate in Rhinebeck New York is George Soros' estate? You're going to have to prove that to me. Jacob Astor of the now known Waldorf Astoria was an early 20th century tycoon. He died on the Titanic. You think George Soros owns his estates?

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Let me explain something to you about the Lakota land. The Lakota used to be called the Sioux. The Sioux were the largest and most warlike tribe on the vast American plains region. They were also genocidal.

Do you know why Illinois is called Illinois? Its because it used to belong to the Illini tribe of American Indians. Do you know what happened to the Illini tribe? They were wiped out, every single one of them, by the Sioux, in battle. Not chickenpox, not European diseases. The Illini survived the wave of European diseases that swept through Indian lands. The Illini survived all that and then were wiped out by the Sioux. It was white European settlers that felt sorry for them and wanted to remember them, that named Illinois after them.

Do you know what tribe existed in the Wisconsin territory in the early 19th century? It was the part of the Iroquois confederation tribes. It was the tribes that were led by Pontiac and Tecumseh. It was the Ojibwe, Iroquois, Chippewa, anishinabe (yes, I know all these tribes overlap and are intertwined thus Iroquois CONFEDERATION, duh!) Do you know why these tribes were pushed into the north of Wisconsin, Minnesota and into Canada? Do you know why they're not in the northeast anymore? Or in Ohio anymore? It's because they got squeezed between incoming Europeans and the Sioux and their boundary popped off into the North. Do you know that the Iroquois confederation tribes did have a symbolic written language? Did you know that they were largely fisherman and had a early form of agriculture and not all of them were migratory? Do know why their stable villages didn't exist in the 19th century? It's because the Sioux attacked them and took their stuff. The Lakota stole the badlands.
You go back far enough. All land is stolen.

The most stable large region in the world, is the United States of America and Canada.

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