Hey there, could you guys provide me some links and evidence from the good things trump did?

Some friends of mine think he worst then Hitler, I live in Germany, we literally suffered under him!


Freedom Baby, go get it America, go get it back! Here is something, I watch the entire clown fiesta from her, as an outsider.

The democratic majors have killed your grandparents in there nursing homes to blame trump. They literally put COVID patients right next to them. They mingle and bloat the numbers as much as possible.

They killed now 31 innocent souls, under them CHILDREN, with the support of Antifa/BLM Terrorists running rampage and covering them UP.

They break laws putting business owners in prison for daring to do business and freeing murders/rapists/pedophiles from prison because of "COVID" !

Heck, they break laws to just vandalize new york streets with BLM Terrorist murals!

Your former President Clinton is a known pedophile and the majority of Hollywood is! They are all friends of Epstein and the "Lollita express"!

They cost you, the working taxpayers, now 500 MILLION Dollars in damages that you will never get back from those mindless workless hobbyless wastes of human resources.

You aren't mad? You are? Wheres the freedom-loving Americans I know from movies, I know personally? Where are you guys? Why aren't you out there defending what is ours? Telling those "peaceful protesters" to "peaceful protest" somewhere else?

It's your country that being destroyed right now, by fringe minorities, that don't accept the will of the people. The majority voted for Trump and will again vote for that what they believe in, IN AMERICA AND ALL THE DREAMS ATTACHED TO IT, where are you?

I envy all of you, I wish I had the freedom your currently loosing right now.

So wake up America, be that America that the people in HongKong believe you are!

MAGA 2020! Please!

Oh and also sorry I butchered English and English grammar!

EDIT: God it feels amazing to finally get this off my chest! On other platforms, I would get banned an censored, even so, I have no hand in anything America does.