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I remember when T_D had new posts. Not anymore.

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Yes, I was taught in college that diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams. To prove the claim, the class used studies conducted by like-minded professors using a small number of participants within a contrived scenario. The studies weren't very reliable and amounted to anecdotal evidence. It was all BS. Most of the students fell for it, though.

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So surprising that this happened as the presidential election ramps up.

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nope. then we will never be able to protest for our causes

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George P. was charged with a crime for a single lie to the FBI. Michael Flynn negotiated a deal with the FBI because of impending charges from them for lying to the FBI. And yet, the FBI lies repeatedly with impunity to the FISA Court without consequence.

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know of any sauce that is a safer click? what is the link to?

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Where was all the sanctimony about protecting and defending Ukraine when Russia expropriated Crimea under Obama's watch?

Oh how little sympathy there was for the lack of defense aid going to Ukraine from Obama when Russia was annexing their territory in 2014.