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Because they only care about power.......period.

They would kill any and all of us just to get it too so admitting they're wrong would undermine their quest for power.

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I think they do see it. I think it's more sinister than them being cognitively dissident.

They understand it perfectly just like us but they see that as a threat to their power, therefore, they have to undermine it as much as possible and spread this nonsense to their voter base.

Dems aren't dumb they're just really fucking evil and would kill every single one of us if they could if it meant they have power. They are our enemies through and through.

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I've always found in my experience, both in real life and as a veteran of the_donald and .win is that the great seperator between Patriots and Shills is sense of humor.

Patriots have always had a sense of humor and can often even joke about themselves. Especially when it comes to race.

Shills on the other hand are an interesting breed. Their false sense of moral superiority prevents them from having a sense of humor as having one would undermine their entire cause. It's in their DNA to not be funny at all and they're conditioned to combat jokes.

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I'm in the same boat man it's like a whipped dog going back to their abuser at this point. Nothing will change and it will only get worse........unless we the people fucking do something like the declaration of Independence gives us the right to. The modern day Democrats are the 1776 version of England.

That said there's 3 major things I can think of that will make it to where it probably won't ever happen.

  1. Prisoner Syndrome. Simply put in prison terms, we all don't want to be that first and POSSIBLY only guy charging the guards. This is where organization is key.

  2. We're all to fat and happy. We've been bought off. As long as we have shit we will be distracted and don't interact face to face to......... Organize. The Shitlibs better be careful here bc once people start losing their personal items bc they can't work that will get them fired up.

  3. Social Media. All Social Media is, is an Intelligence Apparatus. People just put their whole lives out there making it very very easy for the globalist to keep an eye on you. Now they don't even have to work bc everyone comes to them. I'm convinced anything legitimate would get squashed bc some dumbass would put it on social media. I'm guess what I'm saying is social media is the enemies home turf.

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There's no way. In 2016 I atleast heard some excitement and buzz for Shillary in my everyday life. I literally don't know a single person who is excited about Sleepy Joe.

Shillary had a better chance in 2016 than Joe has in 2020 BUT.......the Shitlibs are better prepared for fraud than they were I mean fuck they just collapsed the world economy FFS.

To me these articles are meant to condition everyone for when the fuckery ensues. They can go back when they cheat and say hurr durr but muh Joe was leading this entire time when all you got to do is look around and realize nobody is excited for Joe. Once this C Virus gets exposed for what it is, a worse version of the flu the MSM or panic merchants as I like to call them have got to fucking go and we the people need to remove them and I still a fair and balanced news that isn't 24/7 left propoganda.

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Exactly, you wouldn't even know anything was happening. Then again it could be China wouldn't have released it in the first place since the Dems wouldn't have needed to call in a favor.

Slick_Willys_Nutsack [S] 84 points ago

Exactly, a classic pay no attention to the man behind the curtain scenario

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If Hooters now delivers, shouldn't they be called knockers?

Slick_Willys_Nutsack [S] 2 points ago

Saw this yesterday.

Wish more people would see this.

Slick_Willys_Nutsack [S] 10 points ago

Knowledge that there are only 2 Genders!!

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Notice they don't tell you how many would have died this year or annually from those said underlying conditions. They don't ban shit food or cigarettes?

They also don't tell you how many regular flu has killed and like C Virus it tends to have a higher mortality rate for people with those same underlying conditions.

120K people will die this year on Average from opioid overdoses and suicides but that never gets mentioned. Throw in abortions that number climbs up to 740K. If abortion clinics close for a prolonged time in the US then the virus will have saved more lives than it's taken.

Slick_Willys_Nutsack [S] 7 points ago

Am I wrong for thinking this is exactly what the Dems want to turn America into?

Slick_Willys_Nutsack [S] 12 points ago

I think we just lose sight that people die. Roughly 3 Million Americans die per year on Average give or take from other things. Personally I still don't know anyone that has the Shanghai Shivers.

The past 2 years has been rough for me as I've lost 2 close family members to Opioid overdoses and 2 friends to suicide. I wish they put as much effort into those things as they do with WuFlu.

To me it's about consistency. Obama had SARS but you didn't really hear about that. A simple search right now will show you that the regular flu has killed way more people this year than the C Virus but crickets and the MSM dosent even show you the numbers for context bc they want us scared bc they're working with Dems on this to dump on Trump. Cardiovascular disease kills 700K this year but we don't ban or shut down fast food. I dunno maybe I'm wrong but it just feels like a Dem thing like bc of 1 Mass shooting we gotta ban all guns feels the same as people are dying from this virus we gotta shut down everything.

Slick_Willys_Nutsack [S] 23 points ago

More like a NOTzi which is a term I dubbed for when Shitlibs call me one.

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WOW, yea there just asking for Riots and a Possible revolution at this point. How rediculous can you get it's like England back in 1776 except our Govt is our new king.

Slick_Willys_Nutsack [S] 2 points ago

😂😂😂😂 I get the reference and enjoyed this. Thanks

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Yes. Don't trust anything from China, China is Asshoe.

Didn't China have like 20 million less cell phone users or something.

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Well in that case people should start assaulting and/or breaking and entering the local politicians making these decisions. Turn this back around on them.

You'll quickly see how full of shit they are.

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This shit makes no sense to me.

Stay home or get ticketed? Really ticketing people who are likley impacted economically by this WuFlu?

Arrested? Aren't you releasing prisoners? Wouldn't they arrest you just to release you?

Makes no damn sense.

Slick_Willys_Nutsack [S] 2 points ago

You really said that very eloquently. I e thought that but couldn't form the words to make it that clear. Well said pede and I totally agree with that assessment.

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