Slick_Willy [S] 8 points ago

They did the opposite on the video.

They walked up to the already shot 16 year old driver said "You aren't dead yet???" then said "Do you wanna get pistol whipped?" then shot him in the head execution style.

Antifa fags did it.

Slick_Willy [S] 4 points ago

5 of those 9 either had a car or some other weapon.

2 of the 4 the cop was charged

The last 2 seem to have been illegal yet no charges.

So...2 total according to the FBI out of 400 million people.

Slick_Willy [S] 5 points ago

Sounds like KIA 1 is cucked and KIA 2 is the real deal.

Slick_Willy [S] 6 points ago

That guy that said that and then follows it up with "You wanna get pistol whipped" then the dead thud gun shot a few seconds later...he sounds like Antifa.

Slick_Willy [S] 9 points ago

They did take out 2 car thieves though.

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

Slick_Willy [S] 5 points ago

He has called out Trump quite often and rightly so when he did it, also has praised him as well.

I think Tucker was the reason behind Trump reversing his call on a military strike on Iran.

Slick_Willy [S] 41 points ago

Puppet put in place so the DNC powers can choose the actual President.

200 million possible people the DNC primaries could have elected as their candidate and the people 'choose' a dementia riddled 80 year old retard bully with severe anger issues.


Slick_Willy [S] 18 points ago

FBI shit for brains sends 15 agents to investigate a garage pull down rope but can't find these stupid fucks with tons of video evidence.

I would gut the FBI and dismantle the CIA today (yes even this late in the day).

Slick_Willy [S] 3 points ago

I just now donated to him.

Had to put my money behind him.

Fuck China/Google

Slick_Willy [S] 7 points ago

Except Roberts voted the other way in the Texas case then reversed himself here.

What the fuck is that sort of logic or lack there of.

Slick_Willy [S] 20 points ago

Same exact case was in Texas a few years ago and he voted to uphold that law because the court was still 5-4 but now that its 5-4 'conservative' he votes the opposite on the same law but purposely did not write up a reason this time.

How can you change your reasoning when its purely based on the make up of the court when it comes to the constitutionality of a law in question?

He is fucking disgusting and 100% they have something on him and he is under control.

Slick_Willy [S] 2 points ago

The lefty will simply call them a racist again and tell them to fuck off.

Slick_Willy [S] 7 points ago

Indians were people that came from Asia and fought each other for 1000s of years and lost and won land yearly.

A few settled down to form 'villages' but they were nomadic overall.

Another group of people from west of Asia came over and settled down in a massive continent and fights broke out.

One side lost as it had been happening for 1000s of years.

Stolen land my ass.

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