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If it happens I'd hope for some sort of martial law or something so Patriots aren't locked up for defending themselves or their families.

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For the live of fuck - somebody please tell these boomers to take their vibrating phones off the tables with mics.

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Biden pulling in as many Maricopa votes as Obama did in 08 & 12 combined is totally legit, guys. Nothing to see here!

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I mean, if you've got an SVI or GA to show off, sure. A cellphone shot of a $400 pistol in bad lighting isn't worth posting.

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It doesn't scare them one bit. They know all the law enforcement the right's been hugging for years will do their bidding for them.

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A lot of budget entry-level shit getting posted and even stickied.

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Everything on their uniforms is correct for being aircrew, save for the doc, who does have AV unit badges on his lapel. This was not part of the server thing. Source - I was Army Aviation.

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Look at this Patriot with a Gen 1 Glock.

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Well said.

Seems most conservatives do think just having a gun or two somehow makes them the default winner.

People need to own up to the fact that they probably suck. Go to any public range on a Saturday and you'll see your average conservative that thinks they're prepared, yet can't hit a fucking Target at 7 yards or clear a user-induced jam.

That's not even taking into account physical training and combat tactics.

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