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If a declaration of emergency has been made, they can pretty much do anything they want to you. You can try to take it to court, good luck.

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Two sources familiar with Durham’s investigation told


I'm familiar with Durham's investigation, are you? DUDE! We could be sources!!!

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I've been waiting for that one for YEARS> I don't know how the hell he's kept it going this long. Master Troll.

Siteless_Vagrant 8 points ago

Good, they'll find that the ENTIRE country has discovered how useless they are.

Siteless_Vagrant 3 points ago

"NO SHUTDOWN! NO SHUTDOWN! NO SHU... hey baby, what's the craziest place you ever dunnit? "


That's game.

Siteless_Vagrant 7 points ago

Yeah, there's been a noticeable increase across multiple platforms. Ghislaine in jail, her reddit acct presumably exposed, (no official proof), Trump winning, protests ineffective, they're back to the "phishing phase". That's what I call the in between roll out the troll accts period in between false flags, protests, and Trump attacks. They're looking for the next thing.

Siteless_Vagrant 9 points ago

Biden, if you're here, please note how the child does not appear to be struggling to get away to safety.

Siteless_Vagrant 3 points ago

Everybody keeps saying that, but, this one is still going strong. https://www.reddit.com/r/Epstein/comments/hnckn0/umaxwellhill_the_reddit_account_with_the_8th_most/


Conspiracy mods were replaced with admin stooges long ago, might be why you're having trouble.

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