Sirbigusdickus 1 point ago

What state dude? Not sure if you answered this already, so apologies for being lazy.

Sirbigusdickus 6 points ago

I’m ok with white dwarf, but black hole is definitely racist. Anyway, all these terms should be revised to represent the actual scientists who discovered them, the Wakandans. That’s right, we should adopt the Wakandan terms for most scientific and technological terms.

Sirbigusdickus 5 points ago

Dubai is an artificial shithole with all glass and no class. Zero culture. Just a bunch of crappy high rise condos and cheesy malls. It’s not even 2% of the beauty of New York or Chicago (not factoring in politics).

Sirbigusdickus 6 points ago

Where tranny’s don’t know which bathroom to go peepee.

Sirbigusdickus 2 points ago

We should build a giant, indestructible Trump statue that acts as a commie fly zapper. Best way to round these people up and get them 10 years in prison.

Sirbigusdickus 45 points ago

She took right to bear arms literally. Look at those guns!

Sirbigusdickus 23 points ago

He gets scared when his mask slides under his boyfriends balls.

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