SilentWeaponQuietWar [S] 3 points ago

I grew up on Jordan Maxwell and Willi Cooper. Remember when Alex Jones was a young noisemaker getting arrested at Sea World and the DMV.

Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg, John DeCamp was on to something, and I had no idea how real it was.

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It's so much more rewarding manually upvoting each thread. Do your part! Here's an upvote!

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Now we're speaking the same language, pede. Follow the Red Shield.

SilentWeaponQuietWar [S] 2 points ago

Trump needs to legalize it and take the wind out of all the sails. But I respect his personal background with being against drugs and alcohol in general. That said, fucking legalize it! Before 2020!

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Guess I'll say it again here, once we have a GunDeals section, no more reason to visit Reddit again

SilentWeaponQuietWar [S] 4 points ago

Reporting in. Now all we need is a GunDeals section and I'll never have to visit Digg 2.0 again.