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Click on the tweet it’s actually 3 parts and I don’t think it all means what OP is saying it means

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There is a big Difference between the long established absentee ballot system (which makes perfect sense for somebody like THE PRESIDENT or in the military) which historically have made up a very small percentage of the vote and universal mail in voting. Universal mail in voting will be a disaster. DUHH Trump self’s in a mail in ballot is not a valid argument.

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Something really needs to be done about this gigantic spending bills that are all or nothing. Things should be passed a few pages or 1 line item at a time.

These giant trillion dollar bills that under normal circumstances happen around budget time and lead to government shutdowns are a disgrace.

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Adam was trying to turn the show into a Rally it seemed to be getting weird for a couple of weeks now

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You uh when I used to sit in the pool Kamalamerica would rub my legs and corn pop would go wild

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She thinks trump supporters are stealing postal trucks to suppress the votes

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Like the official Chaz Surrender Letter “Please continue the revolution by voting for Jay Inslee, Joe Biden and Jenny Durkan”

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True in a lot of cases, but still an issue

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Idk it sucks but has to be brought up. Anybody who’s busy and only gets their news from CBS or ABC in the morning... 0% chance those people vote for Trump

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So did he actually sit in a lifeguard stand surrounded by black people?

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Removed for misleading health information in regards to dementia

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