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Who's cutting up onions?

God bless our brave military!

Let's all say a prayer for them to be returned to us and to protect their physical and mental health.

God bless America.

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I disagree.

Not voting shows indecision and that is never a virtue for someone campaigning to become POTUS.

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I care about the Democrat Primaries and so should you.

That said, if this news article triggers you into a chimpout then simply don't read it.

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I'm flattered that you obsess over me.

How many hours per day do you dedicate to thinking about what I'm thinking about? Be honest.

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Soon it will be a crime for white people to sit at the front of the bus.

I suspect racial tensions would end if not for shit like this.

It's difficult for white people to tolerate having their streets turned into African game reserves where their children are they prey.

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I'm gonna need someone to explain why I should justify this and this and this and this first.

Also, respect is a two way street, so if you're part of a pedophile cult who worships lies and greed and treachery and you claim that Jesus Christ was a heretic who deserved to be tortured and crucified, then fuck you.

I see no reason to tolerate human rights atrocities or people who want to genocide the white race.

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Why does Reddit instantly ban anyone who speaks the words "MOSSAD" or "Talmud" or "Moloch"?

Weird, huh?

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Obama wishes he had the bloodline to be a Son of Satan.

He could join the ranks of his heroes like (((Soros))), the (((Rothschilds))) and the (((Rockefellers))).

Alas, Barry will only be a House Slave - he will never be allowed to dine at the table with the master race.

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So basically you're just going to call the good parts of life and our culture, eating lots of meat and not being a broke loser programming?

Such a sad Straw-man argument you present.

Please try harder.

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Yeah, that's the sort of diversionary personal attacks I've come to expect... rather than robust and honest debate.

Why not accuse me of being a Russian agent, while you're at it?


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Hillary also recently accused Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein of being Russian agents.

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God bless western civilization.

ShellGame 3 points ago

I expect many Democrats will lose while showing off their dancing skills.

Rope-dancing is an art-form.

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Dear OP, can you explain how wheat gluten turns men into women?

I only ask because decades of beef industry adverts has indoctrinated many Americans to feel emasculated unless they eat meat every few hours... and I'm curious if you're just being an NPC or if you can substantiate your claim?

Such NPC advertisement programming from car and diamond industry also makes most people believe that becoming a 4WD mortgage debt slave equals freedom, drinking overpriced tap water from plastic bottles is healthy and they MUST give their fiance a horrifically overpriced diamond ring for no specific reason.

And no, your car does not need spinning rims.

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I suspect many patriots feel contempt for African Americans because black males represent 6% of our population, yet they commit more than 50% of the murders and crime.

I felt angry that I was forced to educate my daughters that blacks are 8 x more likely to rape them, 12 x more likely to rob them, 15 x more likely to murder them and 35 x more likely to shoot them than a white man.

I can understand how many whites are angry that their streets have been turned into African game reserves where their children are the prey.

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