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Voted for Ron Paul in 2012 over Obama and Romney. Love that guy. Praying for him and his family.

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I’m assuming that’s why they were delayed from exiting the plane. He was being briefed about it.

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I’m in the PNW too and I feel for you girl. I’m sorry your sisters and mom are moving to Idaho. At least the fire is contained, you still have your home, health and family. I’ve been talking with my husband about relocating to Idaho in a few years. Definitely getting tired of how WA is being ruined by policies. Hoping for the best for you and your family.

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Fellow Washingtonian here as well. Getting so sick of his crap. Free our state already and stop handing out maggot infested apples you idiot.

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I don’t know but I love her outfits too!

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Thank you! I’m not worried if she’s born late. It would be nice if she did come early, I’m over this back pain lol.

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Thank you! I was very punctual as well. I came right on my due date. My husband was born late though so we’ll see.

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The air quality in WA is terrible right now. My air purifier is running full blast, I have a terrible headache, the whole house reeks of smoke and I’m currently 9 months pregnant on top of that. Thankfully we haven’t had to evacuate like many others have and still have our home. I’m trying to stay positive during this and count our blessings but it’s hard af. It’s still terrible and it makes me even more angry with the Democrats who got rid of forest management. That along with arsonists is why we’re in this mess in the fucking first place. People are missing, dead and/or lost everything because of this bullshit.

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WA governor Jay Inslee told small towns in WA that were wiped out by the fires to “call Red Cross” for help. So the towns did and Red Cross won’t help them because of Covid. Then he goes on the news and calls the fires “climate fires” but won’t help the towns that were devastated like a governor should do. 🙄

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