Lextreme and Eatonfools have been downed.

Spread the word that TDr is dead.

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That's right, the one-man redpill factory himself will be here to answer your questions, and dispel your non-arguments, LIVE, Thursday 1/16 at 9pm EST!

This will be a livestream AMA, so watch for the link in the official AMA post when it starts! (We're also going to try to have a transcriber to post his answers in real-time!)

For those unfamiliar, Stefan is a philospher who made his fame through his Youtube channel (listed below) and has made videos ranging from single moms, to Donald Trump, to the fall of Rome! If you've never checked out his channel, I highly recommend it.

Stefan's content can be found on

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/freedomainradio

Website (including a dozen books): https://www.freedomain.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StefanMolyneux

Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/JqEoP64bHDmk/

A great place to start would be checking out the most censored documentary on the internet,

Hong Kong: Fight For Freedom! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOfPpr_Zstk&feature=youtu.be


While most of you guys have instantly fallen in love with thedonald.win, a number of people have had questions about this place. I'd like to take a moment to answer them.

-How did this site pop up just hours after the Ciarmella bullshit?

We've been developing this site in secret for the better part of the year. Believe me, not letting it slip was difficult, with the rising tide of people begging for a backup as Reddit got worse and worse. We felt the need to keep it as tight-lipped as possible for fear that Reddit would find out and find reason to ban us over it to crush our movement.

-Why did you release this site?

Twofold. The most obvious is that we clearly need a backup as Reddit seems to be leaping forward day by day toward dropping the banhammer on The_Donald for absolute bullshit reasons.

The second reason is fairly apparent to most of you, but painfully apparent to the mods, particularly those that have been around for a number of years. Long before the quarantine even dropped, we began considering an offsite platform. Reddit admin's censorship started with effectively, and selectively, removing us from /all supposedly based on our culture of sticky usage. That was just the first change, along with subtle algorithm changes, vote manipulation, downvote bots, etc.

Then came the thought-censorship. It came as a trickle at first. Reddit began as a free-speech platform, but, particularly after Donald Trump won the election, they realized that they had inadvertently created an online HQ for truth through memes. So, as The Left is want to do, they began censoring us. It started with a few words, phrases, names. It's grown exponentially in the past year.

Modding The_Donald used to be fun. Going through a nearly endless queue of commies, bernouts, shariablue Hillshills, and banning them with cleverly worded "fuck you"'s in the ban message. Modding didn't even seem like a job, because we had fun shitting on leftists. Today, thanks to the endless censorship demands put in place, as well as the quarantine, probably 80% of our modding has become removing what are realistically absolutely fine comments from patriots, or worse, having to ban good users for repeated wrongthing.

Modding isn't fun anymore. Beyond that, modding is daunting, it's downright angering. Having to remove a comment for literally writing "1776" or "treason" absolutely makes my blood boil. Under the current ruleset, probably half of the posts from 2016 would have had to have been removed on site, which is Reddit's goal. They know that just banning us wouldn't do the job. As Huffman said, he'd find a way to slowly boil this frog rather than cause the political turmoil of banning us right away.

The censorship has clearly made an effect on The_Donald. Activity lowered, posts became more milquetoast as people learned to "adjust their behavior" to the new rules. It became less fun.

Why now? Well, we were in beta stage of development, but the sudden crackdown on Eric Ciarmella, given the current climate, along with admins hugely ramping up their "Anti-Evil team" removals of absolutely innocuous comments, seemed like they were prepping for a ban and press release. Still very well may be.

My entire mission statement as the head of this place has always been "Be more fun than the other guys. People are attracted to fun." Reddit understands this, and they want to destroy it. Well fuck Reddit.

-But The_Donald is only effective because it can redpill the normies on Reddit.

This question bugs me, because it's patently false for a number of reasons.

First, and most obvious, is that The_Donald was almost invisible to Reddit before the quarantine, due to the /all restrictions, and is currently (and likely until at least the election) entirely invisible to the rest of Reddit. People don't come to The_Donald to see the other side, they either forget about it or come to troll. Hell, half of Reddit are Eurocucks, and the other half of Reddit are filthy commies anyway. Reddit redpilling isn't the goal.

So what's the goal? Here's a study done on the effectiveness of The_Donald in spreading our political message: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1805.12512.pdf

While the researchers clearly hate us, they have to admit that we are literally the biggest meme distribution center on the internet. We take the specs from the customers, and give them to the engineers! Reddit is fucked, but we make our imprint on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and just seeing a meme on your phone and showing it to your buddy in person or a text. Reddit is a website where people you probably wouldn't want to talk to in real life go, our reach extends far beyond them and into the real world. So long as you're sharing memes from here, we're effective.

We could be a damn darkweb site and still be effective at redpilling the normies.

-Where can I donate?

Myself and the rest of the mod team have been absolutely amazed at the number of you offering both time and talent here. We seriously cannot thank you enough.

As for donations, we aren't, and won't for the foreseeable future, be asking for a dime. There are no outside money people either, it's strictly out of our own pockets. Thankfully our developers blow Reddit's out of the water and the website is efficient as hell!

As for talent. We are looking to bring more devs on, particularly back-end. If you have any kind of skills (though honestly, bring a damn good resume. Hobbyists and newbies won't be much help at this point), shoot me a pm! If you're in the Discord, include your Discord name. If you aren't in the Discord.... you should get in the Discord!

-Can I say [whatever your derogatory word of choice that you can't say on Reddit] here?

Look, we're rolling back censorship by years, but at the end of the day we still support and represent the President. You don't help the movement in any way by just being racist to be edgy. Not to mention it's indistinguishable from dailydot-type fags that will just come in here, put "NIGGER" in all-caps, screenshot it, and call us evil.

Just use your head.






TRUMP 2020



Good Morning Centipedes

They're about to start this up again in a minute but

Do me a favor, though, and tell me...WHERE'S HUNTER? WHO IS ALEXANDRA CHALUPA?

The Dems own logic is: looking into Burisma = looking into the Bidens...horrible alibi but ok. You cannot open an investigation into Burisma when it was never closed. If yer mad the Bidens are involved with this Ukrainian scandal factory...sorry for your feelings...go cry with Yovanovitch in HR or Mr. Vindman and his dear daddy letter so he doesn't have to eat lunch alone in his cubicle again.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington and Kyiv Courts both admitted to Chalupa's (and their own) 2016 election interference.

Whatever she wants to call her 27 visits to the Obama White House relationship with the DNC, that and Ukraine Officials falling over themselves to bend the knee to President-Elect Trump for their transgressions is far from a debunked conspiracy theory. Speaking of debunked conspiracy theories...

RUSSIANS HACKING THE DNC SERVER IS (DNC CONTRACTOR) CROWDSTRIKE'S RIDICULOUS BULLSHIT. The "hacking" is the entire foundation of muh Russia so it's all total bullshit.

There was no real, no clone, no exact copy of the server ever produced. The DOJ and FBI were only allowed to see a “draft” report prepared by Crowdstrike, and that report was redacted… and that redacted draft is the “last version of the report produced”; meaning, there are no unredacted & final versions. ^^Free ^^Roger ^^Stone

Muh seventeen US Intelligence agencies.

Yesterdays Recap:

  • Mr. Vindman is a traitor and his daddy would be ashamed of the fat, lying, CIA pawn, IRL smuggie his son has become.

  • I hired Donald J. Trump to do whatever these swamp fuck Ukraineophiles don't want to and they are offended.

  • (Repeat for 9+ hours)

Coming up today:

Morning Shift - 9 a.m.
  • Gordon D. Sondland, the United States ambassador to the European Union.
Afternoon Shift - 2:30 p.m.
  • Laura K. Cooper, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russian, Ukrainian and Eurasian affairs,
  • David Hale, the under secretary of state for political affairs.


* Fox 10 Phoenix

* PBS NewsHour


That is all.

V 2.0





Welcome to the secret bunker! In case of emergency, break glass, remove keyboard, navigate to thedonald.win

As we all know, there's a solid chance that The_Donald is on life support on Reddit, and the admins are waiting until the nurse takes a break to pull the plug. Consider this our eternal afterlife.

Beyond that, more than you even know, r/The_Donald has been forced to censor itself beyond recognition, so this will serve as a haven for more free-speech. No, this doesn't mean totally unmoderated, because we saw what happened with Voat. We still follow the lead of President Trump, but we won't be removing basic facts, or even things as simple as "1776" (Yeah, that's the kind of thing Reddit doesn't like).

Soon after our beta test, we'll be having some really fun AMA's with people that have either been censored by Reddit, or simply do not wish to participate on the website. More on that to come!

So why are you here? Well, you're the beta testers! We don't want to release an unpolished backup to 7million users, so we need your help!


If you're here now, it's because you're a member of our The_Donald Discord. We'll be using the Discord to report any bugs, or suggestions for TheDonald.win. When you accepted your invite, you were given access to a number of .win channels in the Discord to comment on any issues or thoughts you have, please keep discussion of thedonald.win contained in those channels for now.


Thanks to the team that is developing this site

Thanks to the President for inspiring it

Thanks to the community for begging for it

Thanks to YOU for helping us make it Great!

So, for now, post, comment, try to use the website as you would the subreddit. Stay active, look for bugs, try to break things, and be sure to bookmark the url in case the nurses leave the room early!